Conscious Drawing Techniques

Learn to draw easily, while exploring your creative self and building confidence in your drawing and creative abilities.

Conscious Drawing Techniques

Learn to draw easily, while exploring your creative self and building confidence in your drawing and creative abilities.
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About the Class

This course is a beginner level drawing course that is different to most others. This course is filled with practical drawing skills and beginner drawing techniques for you to learn. This course also enables you to explore your potential as a creator and learn to have the confidence to be your most creative self.  This course will help you to step into your full potential as an artist and individual creator.

You will learn to draw with conscious intention by learning to connect the use of the mind, hand, and heart while drawing.

With a series of 14 beautiful drawing exercises which are mostly based on nature, we will explore the following topics:

Lesson 1: Drawing with your whole self

  • Confidence in your creations
  • Feeling into the process
  • Building a relationship with your hand
  • Our brain, and how you draw with both sides

Lesson 2: Using your eyes in a new way

  • Observational techniques
  • Positive and negative space
  • Seeing all the elements

Lesson 3: Shadow and light

  • Tone creates form
  • Texture to create shape and character
  • Colour - advance and recede

Lesson 4: Dimensional Drawing

  • Sketching in isometric
  • One point perspective
  • Two-point perspective

Lesson 5: Exploration of mediums

  • Graphite pencils
  • Colour pencil and watercolor
  • Charcoal and pastels
  • Pens and markers

Lesson 6: Intentional drawings

  • Choosing your subject
  • Compiling your drawing elements
  • Creating cohesion

Each topic is discussed in detail, and every exercise is fully explained with a video demonstration.

This course is complete with downloadable exercise instructions, a comprehensive downloadable support document for you to review at any time.

As an instructor, I am fully available to you and excited to share your drawing journey with you by being fully available to help you at any time.


Crisanne Fox

Artist, Designer, Teacher, Creator
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With 18 years artistic experience and 8 years as an educator, I have a heart felt passion for helping others to find and explore their creative potential.I am committed to combining art, design, education and spiritual awareness in all aspects of my career and life. Even though I have worked as an interior designer, theatrical set designer and...

Class Requirements

You should have a paper, a pencil, ruler, and eraser.

What's Included

Language: English
Level: Beginner
Skills: Artistic Self, Two-Point Perspectives, Drawing in Color, Texturing, One-Point Perspective, Shading, Meditation, Drawing, 2D Drawing
Age groups: All ages
Duration: 3 hours 52 minutes
19 Videos
15 Documents
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