Memoir Writing for Beginners: Key Lessons to Write an Inspirational Book

Learn how writing your own memoir and inspirational stories can become a creative and life-changing experience.

Memoir Writing for Beginners: Key Lessons to Write an Inspirational Book

Learn how writing your own memoir and inspirational stories can become a creative and life-changing experience.
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About the Class

This course is well-presented and enjoyable with clear and easy-to-follow lessons and supporting PDFs for easy reference. It will show you how your personal stories, when combined with self-knowledge, can lead to developing compelling topics to deliver an inspirational message.

It’s simple, clear, and engaging. This course will make you rethink the idea that writing a book is too difficult for you.

With the straightforward and relevant question approach, you’ll discover quickly what is the most captivating topic to write about. Thus, giving you a clear path to walk in the fields of writing as a life-transforming method, for both you and the reader.

“Memoir Writing: Beginner Lessons to an Inspirational Book” breaks the rules that writing a memoir is for older people or just for those who are masters of language skills.

As I say, “If you can talk, you can write. If you can write from the heart, you can change and inspire.”

What will you learn in this course?

  • How to gain the confidence to become the writer of a meaningful and inspiring book.
  • How to identify the right reasons to write your book.
  • How to discover your own ideas and life experiences which can be turned into a compelling topic.
  • The key elements to finding an inspiring and powerful message for your book.
  • How to write about painful events without being hurt twice.
  • The proper way to protect yourself from lawsuits when telling your story includes writing about other people.
  • Learn about the correct editing process.
  • How to easily transform memories and events into inspiring stories.
  • The various ways you can use your creative power to change your life.
  • The various options for publishing your book.
  • Basic tips and suggestions about book marketing and promotion.
  • Plus, you’ll discover many examples of writing techniques to help you hone your writing skills.
  • Understand what a memoir is and how to easily write your memoir and stories.
  • Understand the key elements of what your memoir covers.
  • Discover and develop your core message.
  • Choose the right topic for your memoir.
  • Create a perfect outline to begin writing your memoir.
  • Edit your story and memoir correctly.
  • Understand how to publish and market your book.

Who should take this course?

  • Anyone who wishes to write a book that inspires, teaches, and transforms
  • For aspiring writers in the creative writing, nonfiction category, specifically: self-help, inspirational, spiritual, and motivational
  • Those who want to learn how to write stories about life lessons
  • Beginner nonfiction writers
  • People who have a message to deliver and something meaningful to say based on their experiences or deep reflections
  • For those with little or no experience in writing
  • People who want to discover a new skill
  • Those who are new to nonfiction and creative writing
  • Anyone who wants help to become a published author
  • For those who want to transition from being a beginner writer to a published author

What makes this course different from others?

  • Clear steps with inspiring and practical methods and examples that encourage students to write their first book.
  • Writing with the intention to change one’s own life (first), as opposed to writing to change others.
  • Key strategies for finding your core message, questions to help you hone in on your main topic, and insightful procedures that will assist you in creating a powerful and immediate writing experience.

Take this course if you wish to:

  • Write your first book even if you have no experience in writing.
  • Discover the confident voice within you that has been silenced for too long.
  • Write about what matters to you the most.
  • Become a nonfiction writer.
  • Learn the basic process of publishing a book.
  • Find a meaningful topic to write about.
  • Save time by following a step-by-step writing approach that takes you to the core of your message.
  • Tell compelling stories of transformation.

Do not take this course if your focus is primarily on professional writing and fiction. This course is intended for aspiring writers in the creative writing, nonfiction category, specifically: self-help, inspirational, spiritual, and motivational.

Begin a meaningful and enjoyable writing journey today!

Learn from someone who has been through the process herself.

How to get started

I encourage you to preview the introduction video, and the video lesson on “Why Write a Memoir” to better understand how this unique course can help you quickly gain the confidence to become a writer of a meaningful and inspiring book.


Valeria Koopman

Self-Discovery, Writing and Love Awareness
Valeria Teles (pen-name) aka Valeria Koopman, is a fitness trainer who became the author of the Fit for Joy book to share the importance of holistic health. In Fit for Joy, she starts a conversation about the “true” meaning of health through her professional and personal experiences. Valeria recently published a new book on Love awareness. This...


Valeria Koopman's School


  • You should have a basic understanding of English.
  • You should have the desire to write a memoir, self-help, or an inspirational book.
  • You should have an aspiration to become a nonfiction writer or blogger.
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What's Included

Language: English
Level: Beginner
Skills: Confidence, Memoir Writing, Self-Discovery, Story Writing, Writing, Problem Solving, Communication
Age groups: All ages
Duration: 1 hour 6 minutes
9 Videos
16 Documents
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