Connecting the Local PC to the Devices in Windows

Python 3: Automating Your Job Tasks Superhero Level: Automate Network Tasks with Python 3
4 minutes
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Okay, now it's time to connect our local PC our host operating system to our Arista virtual machines. And for that, the first step would be to create a Microsoft loopback adapter on the windows 10 operating system in order to connect through that adapter to our virtual machines. So, in order to create such an adapter, just go to start and type in Device Manager. Click on network adapters in this list, then go up to action, add legacy hardware, then click Next. Then choose install the hardware that I manually select from a list. Next, then go down to network adapters right here and click on Next.

Select Microsoft as the manufacturer and then in the right side, just select Microsoft k m test loopback adapter, click on Next. Next again, and finish. And now if you go to your network adapters, you can see that there's a new adapter being created Microsoft km test loopback adapter, let's right click and hit properties, go to Internet Protocol Version four properties. And let's set up an IP address 10 dot 10 dot 10 dot one with a subnet mask of 255-255-2550 and hit OK and close. And now we should switch to the Oracle VM VirtualBox manager and power on our virtual machines and set up and management IP address for each of them. Okay, the virtual machines are booted up now it's time to log in to each of them and let's start with a risk of one.

So admin and the password is Python. Okay, now enable Configure terminal. And let's configure the management IP address for the switch interface management one, IP address 10 dot 10 dot 10 dot two and the subnet mask as well. No shutdown. And finally, copy, run, start to save the configuration. Now I'm going to do the same for a restart to admin Python, enable config t interface management one.

We will choose of course a new IP address 10 dot 10 dot 10 dot three with the same subnet mask, no shutdown and of course copy run and start. And finally let's do the same for Arista three. Okay, after performing this configuration, let's check if the management interface is now up. So for Arista, one show IP interface brief and indeed the interfaces up. Now let's also check the same for a restart to great. And finally, Arista three.

And indeed, we have the management IP addresses interfaces up and running. So at this point, we should be able to successfully ping each of these virtual machines from the host operating system, which is Windows 10. Okay, the last thing we should do is bridge the network adapter of each virtual machine of each Arista virtual machine to the loopback adapter that we have just created earlier in this lecture. To do that, just go to the VirtualBox manager and click on settings for Arista, one. Go to network, and make sure you have attached to bridged adapter and the name of the adapter you should choose it from this drop down menu, Microsoft km test loopback adapter, hit OK. And now let's do the same thing for the other two virtual machines. attached to bridged adapter loopback adapter, okay?

And finally four Arista three network, bridged adapter, and Microsoft loopback adapter, okay. And now we should open up CMD and test the connectivity to each of these devices. So let's say ping 10 dot 10 dot 10 dot two, this would be a restart one, the ping is successful. Let's also try ping to restart to which is 10 dot 10 dot 10 dot three, again successful. And finally, a restart three, which again replies to our ping requests. So we now have a fully functional, fully connected network between our windows host operating system.

And each of these three Arista virtual machines.

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