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Python 3: Automating Your Job Tasks Introduction - What's This Course All About?
3 minutes
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Hello, and welcome to this comprehensive course on automating job related tasks using Python three. My name is Mihai, and I will be your instructor throughout this entire training. So it's nice to meet you. First of all, who am I and what are some of my credentials. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunications and Information Technology from the top university in my home country, Romania. I'm also certified by several organizations like Cisco Juniper and the International software testing qualifications board in network engineering, quality assurance and software testing.

My work experience includes several network automation, engineering and quality assurance jobs in major corporations, where I learned and used Python to optimize my daily tasks and simplify some processes. As an online instructor. I have been teaching Python two and Python three since 2000. In 15, having 10s of thousands of students from over 170 countries enrolled in my courses. But enough about me, let me show you what this course is all about. First of all, is this the right training for you?

Well, if you would like to apply your Python knowledge and skills to one, intermediate and even slightly advanced level of automation, then you're definitely in the right place. No matter what your current job is, whether you're a test engineer, a database admin, a systems engineer, a network professional, or simply a geek, then this course is the right one for you. However, please keep in mind that you do need intermediate Python three knowledge before attempting this course. Next, let's get a couple of things straight right from the start. This is not a theoretical course. I think we both hate learning lots of theory and listening to never ending speeches, no matter how cool the topic is.

That's why my approach is one Hundred percent hands on, and you will be required to both watch and test everything I'm showing you inside the video lectures. No, I'm not joking. In fact, you will write tons of code alongside me throughout the entire course. So don't make yourself too comfortable and don't reach for that popcorn. Instead, get your keyboard and fingers ready for action. The last thing I'll add here is that at the end of this training, you will have gained real life Python skills applicable to most jobs and necessary for nailing Python developer interviews.

Now, how is this course structured? Well, there are seven automation areas that we are going to tackle Excel automation, database automation, network automation, data analysis, data visualization, unit testing and web scrapping. You will be required to go through each of these course chapters and watch the lectures in the order I provided them in so that you will benefit from coherent and consistent learning process. This is of utmost importance to both you and me. As a bonus, I will provide you with two very useful tools, a Python three cheat sheet, which contains all the previously discussed topics, and some examples as well, and the Python three ebook 200 plus pages long that you can download and use offline whenever you don't feel like watching any videos. Both the cheat sheet and the E book are completely free of charge.

And you can download and use them whenever and however you like. Sounds pretty cool, right? Having that said, I hope to see you in the first lecture of this course. So let's get started.

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