Modeling how I used the tools.

6 minutes
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Hello, and welcome back to the last portion in comprehending your nonfiction texts better. What I'm going to show you is how I took a 400 page textbook that I was struggling to read and understand and was actually able to understand it well enough to do an assessment, which is what they were trying to teach me how to do the basic reading inventory assessment. I'll show you how I went through the book initially. And the the tools that I used to comprehend this text. So the first thing I always do is I thumb through the book. And the first page that I always take note of is the content table of contents.

This particular book had 35 pages of contents, I think, and what I do is I go through and I start with Making note of the section and what each section was titled. So, the overview, this particular section I really paid a lot attention to because if it's an overview, then it's going to help sum up section two, Section three, Section four, section five, and so on. So this particular section I paid a lot of attention to. And I began writing the section titles in my main idea or key words my Cornell note taking. So administrating administration and scoring procedures, so I'm just going to put procedures in my notes. The section three determining the students three reading levels, okay, reading Reading the levels.

And then Section four, section five I went through and I did that with all of the sections. And then I was able to as I was reading them go and draw this arrow from my main idea, my keywords or any questions that came up as I was reading and write it in my notes section. The next part that I paid a lot of attention to is my preface. Thankfully, this was only two pages long, and they offered these really quick and easy what they called it highlights. They're gonna highlight some new features in this edition. And I really appreciate it when an author does this, especially with nonfiction text, because it's like your overview of the entire book.

Then, in my own review, I started paying attention to how the arranged the text. And so what each section had, which I really appreciate, if you go back to your contents page, they had all these really important main ideas. And then when I went and looked at how the book was arranged, I noticed that those main ideas were bulleted, and then they offered the page numbers and breaking it up that way really helped me to take apart the book in a manageable way. So what I did was I went and I would read from page or Emory page three, I'm going to do my very best to understand this. I probably had like 10 pages of Cornell notes, and then I would reward myself. So sit down with a good cup of coffee or your favorite drink and get your comfy clothes on and start doing chunks at a time.

Don't overwhelm yourself by trying to do 400 pages all in one setting. But do Trump's at a time, it could even be 15 minutes here and then you go and do something that you love to do. And then you come back and do another 15 minutes and then you take a break and chunking it that way really helped me to tackle this enormous textbook. And so I suggest the same for you. The other thing that really helped me it was recording reading particular sections. And then while I was folding laundry, I was listening to it.

I knew that this was a text that I needed help with. I'm not sure what's going on. But anyway, we'll deal with that later. And I'll finish this class. But I use that tool to record myself and then go back and read it and the Cornell notes. And I also went to YouTube and I searched for a teacher who is was able to record either her practicing, take it doing the assessment on a student, or who had permission from the parents to record the assessment.

But that was extremely helpful for me. It was I was able to break apart the individual steps, which there were a lot of them better by watching someone do it. I'm a very visual and kinesthetic learner. So when I was able to see someone do it, and then go back and read what I was supposed to be doing, that made all the difference. So I hope that just this brief overview of how I took a difficult text and use the tools helped you. And what I want you to do is to go and take your own difficult text takeaways.

Take notes, record yourself reading it, listen to it, take notes, review your notes, discuss it with someone and Then reward yourself because you've just tackle the text that you were struggling with successfully and I'm super excited to hear how it went for you.

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