Long Term Profits

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Okay, welcome back to E publishing Pro. In this video, we're going to talk about how to profit with sequels and spin offs. Okay, so pretty cool technique. Once you've got your book out there and you've created an audience, and people are reading your stuff, and they want more, typically people are going to be asking, you know, when's your next book coming out? You know, what are you working on right now. And that's a great time to tell them that, you know, you're creating a series, okay?

So it's an easy way to build an audience that they can become returned buyers. Typically, if somebody likes your first book, they'll like the sequel. If they like the sequel, then they're gonna most likely buy the next book and the next book in the series. So Don't slack off on the second or third book, okay? They don't have to be as long, okay? They just need to have good substance and a reasonable price.

And it's a great way to build an audience series is have been huge in this market. So I definitely recommend you think about that going forward in the long term. And then also create books that have related themes. Okay, so this is a little less time consuming than creating a new book from scratch, you can just appeal to your current buyers, it doesn't have to be a series, but it could be related. You know, Amazon's pretty much a conversion machine because when people go to Amazon, and they maybe they clicked on a link for a product that they wanted. A lot of times people go to Amazon and don't buy the product they were originally looking at.

But underneath if you notice, Amazon always says, you know, people that bought this, we're also interested in this. And it shows them all kinds of other products that they could buy that are related, okay. And once people were in Amazon, they usually buy something. Okay. I know from personal experience, that I've gone and was looking for a book. They didn't have the book I wanted, but underneath that said, you know, people also bought these types of books.

And I said, hey, that's a book that I forgot about that I wanted to buy a long time ago. And I purchased it right there. And the person who sent me to the original book, you know, they still got credit for that. Okay, Amazon has a great affiliate program as well. So, you know, if you're not really interested in writing your own book, then you can also always sign up as an affiliate and promote other people's stuff. It's a great way to make money as well.

But we've got a great product on that called Amazon moneymaker that you can check out. It's all about promoting promoting Amazon products as an affiliate. I hope you have a lot of good knowledge on how to go promote and publish and create your content and get your book on Kindle. Really, all you need to do is just take action. That's really, really what it's really gonna come down to is taking action. This program has been pretty simple.

The concepts here aren't rocket science, and they're not supposed to be. It's why we like Kindle. It's why we like this process because they've made it very easy. All you got to do is show up with something a little fresh, and, you know, work on some of these things. With promoting it, and you know, maybe thinking about creating some sequels and spin offs. And you're gonna have a really great pattern that you can do over and over again with multiple books, and multiple concepts and just build your big audience and big list and sky's the limit and you can monetize them.

And we're really looking forward to your success. Talk soon and let us know how you do with this technique and with this method, and we'll see you next time.

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