Shaping Purpose

Learn about the course full of tools to help you identify your unique purpose, using your own gifts, passions, and values.

Shaping Purpose

Learn about the course full of tools to help you identify your unique purpose, using your own gifts, passions, and values.
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About the Class

What will you learn in this course?

In this course, participants will engage in practical exercises that aid in clarifying their career goals and/or life direction. Through reflective and self-discovery activities, learners will identify their top 5 Gifts (skills, abilities), Passions (inspirations, motivations), Values (what's important), and Career or Retirement best-fit ideas, and align these to create a new Life Plan.

Participants will explore strategies and tools to achieve their professional and personal goals and facilitate the improvement of key elements of their well-being and quality of life.

The following competencies will be achieved:

  • Identify top 5 gifts, passions, and values
  • Research career and/or retirement opportunities and requirements
  • Align goals with SMART criteria
  • Create a step-by-step life plan
  • Apply strategies to improve your well-being (financial geographical, medical, biological, psychological happiness, and social happiness)
  • Identify ways to increase day-to-day happiness
  • Identify best fit career and/or life direction

Course Curriculum

Day 1

Self-Discovery - Who are you·

  • Take a good look at your life as a detached observer. Review your choices of school, family, relationships, career, finances, health, and social life to discover what is fulfilling and what makes you unhappy. ·
  • You will quickly see the parts of your life you need to change.

Self-Discovery - Why you are who you are. 

  • Developing a Lifeline is the basis for figuring out how you became the person you are today and identifying what we call your gifts, passions, and values. ·
  • Discover how the themes changed you and learn what events dominated. ·
  • Identify important people in your life that were part of the important events in your life and learn what strengths helped you get to where you are today.

Self-Discovery - What should I hold on to, let go, or take on

  • If you had a magic wand and you could change your life, what would you hold on to, what would you let go of and what would you take on 
  • Become aware of the places where your life is deeply fulfilling and joyful and see those areas of your life that are not so exciting or joyful.  You will see that some things need to stay and some need to go.

Self-Discovery - Who am I 

  • Understanding who you are more deeply will help you take control of your own image, rather than letting how others think, influence how you see yourself. ·
  • Uncover the unique characteristics that make you who you are by observing the roles you play in everyday life.

Day 2


  • Wondering what you are good at
  • Knowing what you like doing and what you are good at is important. Uncovering your Gifts will make you more self-aware and confident. ·
  • Discover your Top 5 Gifts with this simple 8 question survey. ·
  • Knowing what you are good at, helps you pick the right career path for you


  • What are you passionate about
  • Discover your Top 5 Passions with this simple 8 question survey. ·
  • Knowing your key passions allows you to give your life direction. You can design a life that combines what you love most, and what you do best.
  • When you consistently make choices that align you with your passions, you will discover that your life starts feeling more and more purposeful.
  • Because, when you incorporate your passions into your everyday life, you will naturally increase the quality of your life.


  • What values do you stand for
  • Your values are the filter you use, to determine what is truly important in life – helps you understand how you select things, evaluate actions, make decisions, choose people and events. ·
  • Understanding your own Top 5 values, in this simple quiz, helps you make good decisions for yourself, especially when considering relationships, work activities, interests, hobbies, and learning. ·
  • Be aware of who is influencing your values. Do you like where your values are taking you You monitor your own values and control the things that really matter to you? 

Day 3

Time Tracker

  • Learn how to arrange your weekly activities to create time to make your new goals a reality


  • What does Your Ideal Life look like
  • Take the well-being checkup and improve the 6 elements of well-being. ·
  • Learn ways to evaluate financial and geographical considerations, identify career or retirement ideas, address medical and biological issues or concerns, improve psychological happiness and build social relationships. ·
  • Improving your well-being will increase your happiness with social connections and mental health. Improving your well-being will also improve your choices, on career or retirement choices, and where to live. You will also see how to better make decisions around your current medical condition and how to make this the best it can be.

Day 4                         

Putting it all together - How to get the life you want

  • Use Your Ideal Life action items to create a step-by-step strategic plan, using smart goals, to reach your goals
  • The best way to ensure that your goals become reality is by making them YOUR goals. Creating your own goals will increase your chance of success and add more meaning to your life. It is important that your goals are what YOU want. ·
  • The best way to make your goals come true is to make them smart

How to have a purposeful life

  • This is the final stage of the course, creating your Life Plan. ·
  • Your Life Plan is a piece of paper, or excel spreadsheet, that you can hold in your hand, tape up on your wall or keep on your desktop. This is your guide to your dream future, so keep it close at hand. ·
  • You want to be able to see this plan every day. This will help you stay on track and achieve the goals that you set for yourself. ·
  • Certificate of Completion awarded to participants completing the course.
  • Mentoring follow-ups are available at two weeks, one month, and six months to stay on track.


Shaping Purpose

Discover your Gifts, Passions & Values
Facilitator - Shaping Purpose


Stacey.Richards's School


  • You should have written, spoken, and share information 
  • You should have a medical condition
  • You should have professional and personal goals
One-time Fee
CHF 887.43
NOK kr10,629.03
DKK kr6,930.87
ISK kr138,345.18
SEK kr10,578.69

What's Included

Language: English
Level: Beginner
Skills: Learn Continuously, Plan and Manage Time, Set Goals and Porities
Age groups: All ages
Certificate: On completion
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