First Steps in Creative and Expressive Writing

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Expressive nonfiction writing allows us to be open and honest about who we are and what we think. Section one establishes class goals/objectives and answers the question, what is expressive nonfiction writing and what makes it different from other types of writing?


Hi everyone, welcome to the class I can use I in my writing first steps in creative and expressive writing. So before we get into the logistics of the class, what we will be learning our class goals and discussion points, I would like to first answer the question what is expressive non fiction writing and what makes it different from other types of writing. expressive and creative nonfiction writing focuses on the self and all of its components. It allows us to talk about our own experiences, our feelings and our thoughts about the things that go on around us. expressive and creating writing allows us to be the reliable source and allows us to utilize our voices. expressive writing can be personal, it can be political explorative, it can pose challenges.

It can allow us to talk about things that make us uncomfortable or allow us or flecked on experiences that we've had. expressive writing can help us to expressed concern and doubt that we have on on subjects that we feel interested in. So what? what goals do we have for the class? Our first goal for the class will be to learn how to utilize our own voices in order to create creative pieces, using our own personal experiences, interests, hope, perspectives and ideas. Our second goal will be to learn how to utilize the writing resources around us whether it be digital interfaces or writing like actual writing materials that we can hold like a pen and a paper.

Our final goal of final and third goal will be to the class will help us to ask the right questions in order to influence motivation, in order to effectively and thoroughly write what we are thinking. So let's get started with the first class.

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