Who am I in my Writing?

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Who are we in our writing and how can we navigate our own voice? Section two answers three questions revealing the importance of "I" and why we should place ourselves in our writing.


Our next steps since we've established our class goals is establish and create our specific writing goals. And by doing this, we will answer three questions. Why is the word AI important and expressive and creative writing? Why place ourselves in our writing and why non fiction? Well, I challenges us to place ourselves in our lives and in our experiences. I also helps us to sensor and to reflect and process our feelings on those personal experiences, our passions, our dreams, our thoughts and our ideas.

I also can help us to feel otherwise repressed or hidden thoughts about situations or ideas that we've gone through or are currently going through. What do we think? In order to see how we fit in larger discussions about our lives, we have to Realize that we have a voice, that we are able to express our opinions and that our thoughts matter. placing yourself in your writing means that you are learning you're reviewing and you're reflecting, and placing yourself in those experiences, thoughts and ideas that you have placed in yourself in your writing also means that you're able to write through what you are learning being able to conceptualize your thoughts thoroughly. placing yourself in writing also means that you are being creative, you are being thought or you are being open and honest and vulnerable through your writing. placing yourself in writing also means that you are able to express yourself through social media or through blogging, or you can write down in a journal which are writing but why non fiction?

Nonfiction allows you to be able to utilize Your thoughts and your feelings in order to create something that is tangible and real nonfiction also allows you to be able to see and show others those real thoughts and can possibly help them with what they're going through. The next video will focus on brainstorming, writing topics and ideas, as well as helping you in your initial phases of the writing process.

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