Class Project Instructions and Personal Story

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Time to write! Section five explains the course project and end thoughts of the impact expressive writing is to my story.


So what do we do now? After we discuss what creative and expressive writing is? We discuss writing goals brainstorming. I've showed you some methods you can use and finding resources and what to write on and where to share. What do we do now? Now it's time to write.

And as we write, we have to remember that we are writing for ourselves we are writing to share we are running to keep to ourselves We are, we are writing to write and however way we want to express it, right as a poem as a no as a sentence. As anything that we're feeling. That's what we're going to write. creative and expressive writing is very dear to me. It has, it has helped me to most trying times in my life. It has helped me right through my depressive episodes is helped me to reflect on my anxiety.

It has helped me to See who I was becoming, and see who I am becoming and see everything to my transformation, everything that went through in college, everything basically, writing has helped me with. So I hope that you guys find writing to be as therapeutic that as I have. And I'm very excited about our five day writing challenge series. And each day for five days straight, we will create a writing piece, any genre any way that you want to express it, you can create something. And in this writing challenge, you can see in the project below, basically what we will be doing for five days straight. And I hope that you guys share with in the discussion what you're doing, what you're thinking about all your reflections and Everything and I hope to see you then

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