Spoken Word Piece: "I Set Free My Quarantined Sanity"

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"I Set Free My Quarantined Sanity" is a spoken word piece I created my senior year of college after developing anxiety and experiencing panic attacks. The impact of expressive writing is immeasurable for me and as an example of another way you can express yourself through writing I included this piece in its vulnerability and directness.


Nerves spill and scattered on the pavement. I couldn't gather them as I trudged and jog my exhaustion to class that last time I carried what I could have last night's sleep, maybe three hours and the anxiety monster growing in the pit of my stomach drowning me. So the world seemed like blurs much Ping. My last year of college came to me like a ton of bricks delivered to my front doorstep. My life turned into a war since I started to learn everything. My perfectionist tendencies paired with the thoughts of deadlines, no motivation and a fear of tomorrow.

Made a nice suit, ready for panic? To think. I stirred myself daily but still seem to make it to every class. Do every assignment man is a research project. That's how I was. I sat in the office with a woman I told myself to maybe once a week, hoping that my fears living will transform into something else.

That's how I was when I reminisce and think back so how I saw that gnome yet nervous feeling because last year, I didn't want to wake up to the sun rising and it didn't try and for completing three years of college instead I tried it the thought of everyday coming along days turning into long nights a hungry stomach, and the porn scene I thought that was lasting. I don't know how I seem to make it a whole year later. And then most of the strange labor pains of reality I managed to give so project this project spirals in the outside world Was 2013 so that was I mean, it made her fight back to win the war to let my salary free. Every time I wrote something, I saved myself, and I took another ingredient out of soup. I typed out my fingers on my keyboard to explain the motive for the birth of something new in me.

I want us to save another woman's life while saving my own two. I wanted to burst out and say, take care of yourself. Take care of your mind and your body. You are important any matter. You are powerful and worthy and beautiful. You don't need anyone to tell you.

Of course. Those are messages I needed someone to tell me that I became the model. The more I thought the wolf was crowding and containing my sanity were falling asleep found the team to the cage of my anxiety was surrounded by quarantine. Standing in October 2016, going into metal, sparkly water tanks the love and vision and self foundation for women empowerment and mental health. One project exploded space, a place a sanctuary to save my anxiety transform its face into the partner ideas and employer plan turned into passion. So as I write, I write to the woman who hates herself.

And so the one with depression. I write to the woman with eating disorder and for the ones living on the streets. Writing so the ones going through a midlife crisis, Self Realization. I write to the mother and to the survivor. I write to the woman who hurt no one's more stress. I write path and the ones making the difference.

To the lawyers and the doctors and the writers and motivate a soft future. I'd like to support our next generation of women. We stand up for ourselves and never hold our sanity hostage. We declare our independence from expectation and perfectionism, that we defend ourselves and fight for our will to wake up peacefully and unafraid. If I could sum up our change from last year to this year, I would simply say

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