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Decide What to Write and Learn How to Publish

Section 5: Prepare the Self-Published Product

Elaine L. Orr

This section discusses setting establishing yourself as a publisher with the various retail sites, preparing electronic books for submission, and developing paperback. Most authors don't do hardback books but you can.

Formatting can be time-consuming, but eventually, you will do it almost by Wrote. There's a danger in that because you can make errors when you get complacent. However, every time you do it it gets easier.

Occasionally someone will publish only an ebook, but that is rare. You sometimes see books that are only in paperback, but now even most textbooks are in electronic form.

We will not discuss audiobooks in this class, I'll save that for another time. As you read through the material and formatting remember you can hire someone to do this. If you cannot get a recommendation, use the Smashwords List

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