Determine Whether to Publish on Your Own

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Decide What to Write and Learn How to Publish

Section 4: Determine Whether to Self Publish

Elaine L. Orr


Self-publishing is a commitment. The first lesson in this section first gives a broad overview of the tasks to be accomplished. The next lesson examines the process as if you are managing it rather than doing all of the steps yourself.

The third lesson examines your role as a do-it-yourself publisher. Even then, you will probably hire someone to do a cover. The do-it-yourself role is a busy one. If you plan to do a number of books, you may want to learn all the steps. You may also start pulling in some income from your books and then you can contract with others to do some of the more arduous (a.k.a. time-consuming) tasks. However, you approach self-publishing, the product of your book is rewarding.

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