Writing Masterclass: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Mastery

An eight-step guide to upgrade your writing style, give yourself a professional edge, and stand out from the crowd.

Writing Masterclass: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Mastery

An eight-step guide to upgrade your writing style, give yourself a professional edge, and stand out from the crowd.
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About the Class

You Can Benefit from my Experience in Days Without the Years of Struggle. 

Ever feel like you can't get ahead because your writing doesn't stand out? Want to start seeing changes in your writing today, but don't know what to do? I know how it feels to work hard, and still not see results, because I don't have the right tools to succeed. This course will give you specific tools to start seeing results today.

**Instructor with over 17 years' experience teaching thousands of students writing at a university level and seven courses

An Eight-Step Guide to Upgrade Your Writing Style, Give Yourself a Professional Edge and Stand out From the Crowd

From my writing and life experience overcoming these challenges, this course offers real strategies to help you see true results in your writing immediately. Competitors offer similar courses at higher prices, but my chief goal is to see you succeed. This is because I know how it feels to struggle, and I want to help you understand how it feels to achieve while offering you exceptional value and real experience. 

This course offers actionable guidelines from every level of the writing process humorously and compassionately by someone who has years of real experience teaching writing and knowing how to make writing understandable for people like you. You can benefit from my experience without years of struggle. I have included what I have learned in this course. 

What will you learn from this course?

Weak writing will not sell. Clean writing sells. This course will help you write with style to create immediate results and increase the chances of a sale. 

Learn to make your writing streamlined, stylish, and sexy. Make it stand out from the crowd. By taking this course and applying the lectures, the results from your writing will be 

  1. More sales
  2. Competitive quality
  3. Higher visibility
  4. Increased credibility
  5. Achieved writing goals
  6. Engaged readers

If you apply this fundamental, thorough, and professionally engineered writing system, your writing will get the attention you desire. 

Join the students benefitting from over 50 lectures and 5 hours of in-depth instruction, examples, and exercises. 

This course is designed and taught by a university writing professor and published writer with extensive university training in writing and twelve years experience coaching thousands of students like you on the fundamentals and habits of effective writing style with powerful results and consistently high teaching evaluations. 

Where do I start?  

One of the biggest frustrations writers from all levels and genres face in improving their writing is "where do I start?" 

Do you feel like your writing style needs something more to stand out and be effective, but you're not sure what? Are you a new writer that needs more tools to hone your craft effectively? Or are you an experienced writer looking for ways to improve, get your reader's attention, and sell your writing? 

Tips without habits for execution will not accomplish results. That is why habits and attitudes are of equal importance. This course covers the fundamentals of effective writing style from the ground up, and it

In just a few days, you can also practice habits and attitudes that will help you get the most out of these tips. You will see lasting success at beating your competition. 

Also, unlike a book on the topic, this course is personalized and interactive, which produces real results as you follow the exercises and suggestions on a real piece of writing. You also have access to the instructor via Tablet Wise and questions are always welcome. I love to help. I love questions! 

Who can benefit from this course?

This course is designed for those learning the writing craft, needing a thorough review on writing style, or wanting to tighten their prose.  

  • bloggers
  • business writers
  • people who write for profit
  • journalists
  • creative writers
  • academic writers
  • students
  • new writers
  • lifetime learners
  • copywriters

How is this course designed?

The course is broken down into four sections, each section containing two strategies to help you improve your writing style, approach, and habits. These strategies will help you improve the clarity, flow, presentation, and results in you create in your writing. The ultimate outcome and goal is writing that stands out and sells. 

You will learn eight strategies, each with several techniques. Each technique contains a slideshow and a synchronized video lecture that elaborates on each slideshow. Each technique includes the following: 

  1. The technique in a nutshell.
  2. An explanation that elaborates on and clarifies each technique and best practices.
  3. Examples to explain the technique in practice. 
  4. Exercises and/or quizzes at the end of each overall strategy to test your knowledge, reinforce the material, and allow you to put the techniques into practice right away.

By the end of the course you will know how to do the following: 

Words and Sentences 

  • Build better clarity, flow, and conciseness in sentences through better word economy.
  • Improve tone and structure through activated sentences. 

Structures and Paragraphs 

  • Increase the effect of each sentence through optimized word order.
  • Grab your reader's attention and keep it throughout the piece.

Purpose and Presentation 

  • Set clear goals and build unity in a writing piece to convince your reader.
  • Build credibility, back ideas with strong logic, and achieve desired results for writing that sells. 

 Attitudes and Habits 

  • Practice effective attitudes that will maximize results and improve your efficiency. And it will make the process a lot more fun!
  • Create healthy writing habits that will increase productivity, improve results, and increase your chances of success.

Each category includes a skill set to help you sharpen your style and craft. Enroll in this course now to get started on writing with quality that sells. 

Please note that some of the videos call the course Writing That Sells: Techniques That Will Transform Writing, but the name of the course is now Writing Masterclass: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Mastery to more accurately reflect for the student the content of this course. Nothing else in the course has otherwise changed other than new bonuses added from time to time.

Don't put off changing your life. Sign up for this course today, and you can start achieving writing mastery almost immediately!


Rachel Leroy

Writing & Book Coach, University Professor, & Healing Coach
Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. --Albert Einstein-- Introduction As a teacher and lifelong learner, I'm excited to engage my creativity and expertise to help students and other learners engage in empowering learning experiences that will help...


Rachel Leroy's School


  • Basic knowledge of writing, computer, or pen and paper
  • Adobe Acrobat for PDF download capabilities
  • Basic knowledge of English/American literature, writing and literary terms, and a few American cultural references
  • All are welcome to take this course!

Class Contents

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What's Included

Language: English
Level: All levels
Skills: Paragraph Order, Conclusions, Writing
Age groups: All ages
Duration: 3 hours 25 minutes
48 Videos
11 Documents
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