20 Psychospiritual Tools for Change

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This self-help course will teach you 20 practical tools that you can implement today which will change your life as you utilize them.

I draw from over 20 years as a Licensed Psychotherapist and spiritual healer, seeker, and author, and teacher.

I share mentors, books, teachings, websites, and where to buy the items that I use in my daily psycho-spiritual practices.

You receive websites and access to the practices that I use and teach in my personal and professional lives.

You will learn:

  1. Using a Pendulum
  2. Crystal grids
  3. Creating an Altar
  4. Forgiving others: Ho' oponopono
  5. The power of affirmation
  6. Meditation
  7. Releasing and replacing fear-based thoughts
  8. A course in miracles
  9. How to use card decks
  10. Create a morning routine
  11. Segment intention
  12. The role of gratitude
  13. Consciousness- What is it?
  14. The value of mentorship
  15. Self-forgiveness
  16. Inspired actions vs. efforted actions
  17. Visioning your future
  18. Prayer- What it is and what it is not
  19. The role of angels
  20. "In-empowerment:" Sourcing from within

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