The Art of Decorating with Intention: Guidance in Creating an Oasis for Your Soul

Learn where de-cluttering leaves off and continue the process of transforming your life.

The Art of Decorating with Intention: Guidance in Creating an Oasis for Your Soul

Learn where de-cluttering leaves off and continue the process of transforming your life.
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About the Class

You don't need a design trend, you need an oasis for your soul.

This video course is for those who seek deeper joy in their life and are not sure where to begin. I can tell you from experience, begin at home. If your home is not now a portrait of you, it certainly can be by engaging and enjoying the journey through these videos.

A combination of how-to’s, inspiring images, personal stories, and reference and worksheets to print out are included.

It is laid out in clear steps that can easily be applied to any space you choose in your home or office.

You will be presented with:

  1. Overview: a brief description of the course
  2. Welcome: why you want to decorate with intention
  3. Getting Started: how to change your perspective in how you view your spaces; instructions and handouts to print 
  4. Using the Bagua Map: how I use this powerful tool and how it can inspire your decorating plan, includes resources to print
  5. Storytelling in the Bedroom: stories and clips of how I decorated my bedroom with intention, includes resources to print
  6. Storytelling in the Office: stories and clips of how I decorated my office cubicle with intention
  7. Review: a recap of what you learned

Who should take this course?

Anyone who cares about the manner in which they decorate their spaces and who is looking to create environments that fill them with a spark of joy, hope, and beauty will benefit from this course.


Jody Pear

House-Coach and Author
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Hi, I’m Jody Pear. I guide people through home and office transformations. I’ve designed kitchen renovations, floor plans, furniture arrangements, accessory placement, and color selections. I’ve worked with homeowners and office workers to add more joy into their space so visitors feel welcome and occupants feel more comfortable.

What's Included

Language: English
Level: Beginner
Skills: Decoration, Art, Decluttering, Home Improvement
Age groups: 45-54 years, 35-44 years, 55-64 years
Duration: 32 minutes
7 Videos
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