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We will walk through the process of setting up Bootstrap 4 to create websites.


Hello, in this video we are going to cover how to set up bootstrap version four. So what you want to do is open up a browser. And first of all, we need to actually get the files or get access to them and just go to get there'll be a link in the description, it will be the first link in there. And when you get here, this video, as I'm recording, I'm doing it for version four alpha. But these videos will still be relevant, I can guarantee when bootstrap version four comes out in its final release. The only slight difference will probably be in this video because it's in alpha mode.

It's on a separate page, whereas version three is still the current download link on the homepage. Whereas this will most likely change to version four. That's one of the things that are will probably change is where to get the file from both for this video in terms of alpha. You Go to this button right here at the top it says Aria bootstrap four is comment, click that. Go Go to the bootstrap blog bootstrap for alpha, we scroll down and go to head to the version four alpha dot before development plan. And from here which, and also the link for bootstrap version four, version four, dash alpha dot, get bootstrap Comm.

Both the links will be in the description, click Download bootstrap. And from here you can download the source files. There are other ways of getting it as well. So if you know what you're doing, check all these different ones out. But you can get so far and from this, you can get the JavaScript and CSS files and you can host it yourself. When I say host it yourself.

I mean, locally on some web hosting like Hostgator of Hostgator is fantastic. Go check them out. I don't have any promotional deal with them. They're not sponsoring me. I just really love Hostgator compared to a lot of other services at the therapy All mentioned in 123 wrench, not good. Go Daddy.

Honestly, they're not that bad. But they can be quite expensive when you start adding all the packages on, which you're probably gonna want. That's how they get you. Also, they still domain names check there, that's true, they actually steal your domain name in terms of when you search for something they boy that do do the big issue with that no one ago. So that's the reason I don't use GoDaddy Hostgator are fantastic, so check them out. But you could also set up a bootstrap project by clicking documentation.

So you go to the root page of documentation, scroll down to the starting template. And if we copy this and paste this into an HTML file, you'll get bootstrap set up, you will have a local CSS or a local JavaScript file, because there will be hosted on CDN, which stands for content delivery network, so they're gonna be hosted somewhere else. Generally, you probably want to host them locally. Again, it could be local on your computer or on a web hosting service. But for the purpose of this series, I'm going to use CDN. So if you just copy this, open up your favorite text editor for me at the moment is Sublime Text.

It's great, check it out, it's gonna paste it in here detected HTML. So I'm gonna right click on the Save button on white. So right click on the desktop on the call it index dot htm. Now, save that bad boy. And now if I go to my desktop, got the index file right here for double click that it opens it up in my web browser. You might be looking at that looking at it and thinking, well, this doesn't look anything special.

Isn't bootstrap supposed to be this great framework that allows you to create responsive websites for mobile and for desktop. You're right. That is what bootstrap is known for. But what We've done is simply set it up, you're going to need to learn a bit more by the different functionality within bootstrap, which will have videos covering all of that. So check them out. But for now, we're all set up to use bootstrap.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them on sonar forward slash question dot php. That's our free education platform with thousands of free videos. They're completely free. Please rate, comment and subscribe and it doesn't really help keep the content free Plus he also helps us provide more content like this on a regular basis. Thank you for watching, and I hope you have a great day.

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