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Welcome to this bootstrap for Responsive Web Development tutorial series for all your web development needs. bootstrap is the core foundation of most of the responsive websites available today. We'll be covering some of those websites very, very shortly. My name is for Han insane and I will be leading you through this course. I have a plethora of experience teaching web development. I teach web development at a university and have also created over 1200 programming video tutorials.

My company sonar systems is a world leader in providing programming tutorials for the immensely popular engine Coco's to dx, and various topics in web development. This course was created for everyone interested in creating websites, learning how responsive web sites works, their design philosophy behind responsive websites, and obviously it's amazing Then in bootstrap. So let's show you some of the websites made using bootstrap. Here are some of them. First one I'm going to show you is Spotify. Spotify.

I'm sure you've all heard of Spotify, the music streaming platform. And this is an amazing responsive website is good enough for Spotify, a company that, let's just say that it's doing very, very well is good enough for us. The next one we're gonna look at is actually Walmart. So Walmart, one of the world's biggest companies, economy days worth over one. I mean, is worth over half a trillion dollars, using bootstrap as the framework 42 website. And this website goes through a lot of revenue.

It's nice and responsive to give you a little sore perspective, booth. I mean, received over 200 Hundred 70 million visits last month. That's right 270 million visits, and also Walmart. Their revenue was almost half a trillion dollars last year. That is just crazy that a website like Walmart can use bootstrap target another big reason. So uses bootstrap as well, nice and responsive, fantastic looking website.

And again, it receives over 100 million visits per month. Bloomberg, another fantastic and big website are always at the pinnacle of innovation, technical innovation, and fantastic looking website and Bloomberg again, also using bootstrap and received almost 100 million visits last month patient We are now in the website. I'm not gonna look at any more statistics because you've heard these other websites. So do so these statistics will give you a idea of what it's capable of. And these are just going to show you some other cool websites on HBO NOW. Their website is using bootstrap, which is excellent.

The NASA website uses bootstrap and Oxford Spotify and also, my very own website sonar learning. Dockery k also uses bootstrap as well, a fantastic framework. And as you can see, I have created not a criticism, this website, plus other websites as well using bootstrap so I have a wealth of knowledge. The ideal student for this course is anyone with a passion for learning web development, or looking for a reminder to help out or even as a bootstrap Reference Guide, as the skills that you learn from this course will be universal for all websites and each applications. Feel free to take a look for the course description and curriculum and ask any questions you might have before enrolling and I look forward to seeing you inside

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