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Get Hired with LinkedIn: The Quick-Start Masterclass Step 10: Optimize for Job Opportunities
8 minutes
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Okay, so now we're at the finish line, we are on step 10. And step 10 is all about secret little tweaks and hacks that are really going to optimize your LinkedIn profile and make it appear in the search results for those positions that you want to be considered for. So what are the steps that you need to do? There are three things I want you to do in within step number 10. So first of all, I want you to come to your profile, come over to the right, and you'll see it says over right here on the top, edit public profile and URL. Go ahead and click that.

And that is going to take you to the profile that is visible to the public. What is it that people see when they click on your name? What I want you to do is I want you to see your vanity URL. What is is the name that you appear as LinkedIn automatically when you create your profile it does doesn't put your name. Like here I have rahila and Mary Jo, it's also going to add in some random characters. And that looks really unprofessional.

So what you want to do as you want to click this pencil, and you want to edit this, ending your URL ending to reflect your full name, your first and last name. Now, maybe for a lot of you your name has been taken, there are other people in the world who have the same exact name as you and have already grabbed this URL. In that case, you can add a middle initial or you can add a qualification. So if you are an s, p HRM. Okay, you can add that or if you are a CPA, you could add that a qualification. This will not only help you stand out in terms of the court qualification, but it'll also give you a unique URL.

You want to make sure that whatever URL you finally choose, you use that same URL as your handle for other social media platforms, for your Instagram, for your Twitter account, and even for your Facebook. While you're on this page, I also want you to look at your visibility, what are people able to see of your profile, even if they're not connected to you and what you want to do is you want to make sure your profile, public visibility is on okay. And what that means is you want to make sure your basic information is visible, as well as you want to make public every section of your profile so make sure you've toggled all of these elements to on. The next thing you need to do to optimize the visibility Do your profile is you're going to come over here, back on your profile. And you're going to come to your dashboard.

And right in your dashboard, you're going to find career interests. So go ahead and click career interest. And it's going to take you to this page right here. Here is a place where you want to make sure you have toggled on the switch that says let recruiters know you're open. If this is off, then you will never ever show up in any recruiter results. What recruiters I'm talking about are those recruiters that are using the LinkedIn recruiters platform.

You can even leave a special message to recruiters perhaps you're looking to relocate, or maybe you're making a job switch. Anything you want to highlight that might make a recruiter overlook your profile. So you might want to mention something to grab their attention here. Come on down. And then you have another option here to select your recruitment modality Are you actively applying casually, you're not looking but open to offers, or you're not open to offers at all. So you decide what's your current recruitment status.

The next section is really important. You want to add all the variations of the job title that you are seeking as your next position. So if I were seeking HR directors, I'm going to start typing in HR. And I want to see what are the job titles that match the position that I want? And I'm going to keep adding those job titles. So if you see head of HR HR manager, what else comes up?

VP of HR? Look what happens when I put in this title, HR Director, it tells me no results found. Now imagine if you are using HR director as your key word in your LinkedIn profile headline. What this is telling you is that if you're using HR director as a keyword, it's not adding any value to your SEO for your profile, because it's not in LinkedIn database as a job title. And if it's not in LinkedIn database as a job title, then recruiters are not using it as a search term. Well you do want to do is make sure that all variations of your job title are incorporated somehow within your LinkedIn profile.

Another thing you want to do is you want to copy paste these job titles down into a document and I'm going to show you what you're going to do next with these job titles. Further on, you can go on down and you can read the other options available. Hear so am I'm open to working remotely yes or no the location that you are interested in working. So anywhere worldwide I have here near my home I have here so you can pick and choose what it is you want. Even you can select the type of job you want, do you want a full time job, contract, part time internship, etc, etc. So go ahead, make your selections that reflect your current situation.

Now the last thing I want you to do is to come back to your profile and go to the search field. And here I want you to click it and select jobs. Now remember those job titles we found earlier? Well, you're going to paste each one of those job titles one at a time. So let's start with VP of HR. And you're going to search the location that you want to work in.

So let's say I want to work in Houston. I'm going to put Houston, Houston, Texas, and click Search. Now here I get all the job openings that are currently available online for VP of HR and in my chosen location, but we're not going to be looking at those right now what I want you to do is look right up here you see here, it says job alert off. You are going to set up notifications for the variations of the job title that you are looking for. And all you have to do is toggle it on and then tell LinkedIn whether you want to be alerted daily or weekly. Choose daily if you are actively job hunting right now and choose weekly if you are passively hunting and also Let LinkedIn know, if you want to be emailed those job alerts or if you want to be notified right here on LinkedIn, or if you want both.

Go back to the search and put in the other variation to remember we also had HR manager. I'm going to enter that in, we're going to search for that. And you're going to turn on the job alert for that variation of the job title. So go ahead and establish or set up these job alerts for all those different titles that you found.

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