Use Psychology to Pull Them In and Take Action

Get Hired with LinkedIn: The Quick-Start Masterclass Step 7: Your Sizzling Psychographic Summary
8 minutes
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Okay, so we are on Step seven. And in step seven, you are going to put together a sizzling cycle graphics summary. Now what is it, you have to do in step seven, you're going to go back and pull out that handout that you completed in Step three, because you're going to be picking up some critical emotional information about your target audience. And that information, you're going to work into this script, the psychographic script that is right in front of you. Now, the biggest mistake that people make when putting their summary together, is that they think their summary is about them. It's not about you, it's about your target audience.

And your summary needs to speak and to the heartstrings of the heart of your target audience and motivate them to read further into your profile and to even reach out to you Get in touch with you with opportunities. So what is this template? In this template, you're going to find there are 12345678 specific lines. And I want you to follow these lines to a tee do not deviate, do not get creative. Do not add in your own little twist. Let's find out what you need to do in each of these lines.

Now the first line, notice what this line is. Do you notice the question mark? Now, line one, line two, line three and line four are all questions. Why are you starting your summary with questions? Well, it's because remember, this is a psychographic template, meaning that we're trying to get into the brains of our target audience. And the best way to get into someone's brain is to pose a question to them.

So what did you have dinner last night. Did you notice what I just did? We were talking about this psychographic script. And I just threw a curveball at you. I asked you a question. totally unrelated to our topic.

And what did you do? What did your brain do? Did it stop thinking about the script and start looking for the answer to my question? Exactly? Of course it did. And why did it do that?

It's because the brain loves questions. to the brain. Questions are like candy, the brain just cannot resist answering a question. And that's exactly what we're using. In our summary. We're starting off with a question.

And we are with our first question. We are calling out our target audience, or the perfect persona for whom our summary is written for. So are you what is the key demographic of your perfect persona? Is it a specific job title? Is it a specific industry that they work in? Right, so we'll fill in the blank.

Do you have identified the demographic of your perfect persona? your target audience? Obviously the answer to line one, the question there is going to be a yes. So once they answer Yes, they're going to want to move on to the next line in your summary. which is again, another question. Do you feel frustrated by so here is where the work and step three is going to be plugged in?

Remember the frustrations and fears? Well, you're going to fill in the blank with that of your target audience. And if you've understood your target audience correctly, you've identified their fears and frustrations. Guess what the answer is going to be? It's going to be a yes. Look at line three, would you like to achieve here again is another question.

Now instead of the fears and frustration that we identified in Step three, we're going to the desires and aspirations, their wants and aspirations. So we're triggering positive emotions. So fill in the blank, what is the solution? What is the what are the results that your target audience is seeking? And if you've done the work, right, the answer should be? Yes.

Now you're going to move on to line four. Another question. Would you like to work with somebody who, obviously, if you've triggered in line two, you've triggered the pain. In line three, you've triggered the desire the dream line for the answer to this question should be also a yes. Now, these four questions are based on psychology. Once we get someone to say yes to us a couple of times, then the subsequent question or the subsequent offer We make to them will also be a yes.

Or they will agree with us. And this is a really powerful technique that is commonly used in sales. So we've done line four. Now, line five is yes, If yes, then can I can help? I am. This is where you're going to now pose yourself as a solution to their pains and frustration, and as the provider for their dreams and aspirations.

And so pick up keywords from your headline, and be sure you're emphasizing who you are, who do you help? How do you help them you by doing what and by how, what is the specific expertise that you use to help them moving on line six now is where you're going to show some personality. You're going to let them know that hey, you're another human being just like them. A great idea. Here is to identify something about yourself that you would probably have in common with your target audience. show a bit of your interest, so a bit of your passion.

Let them know that you are a real life person. Moving on line seven. Now you want to emphasize the solution part. What have you delivered? What have you done? Here, I want you to list some bullet points of key results and try to quantify each of these bullets that you list down, give a value give a monetary value, give a time value, give a savings value, give a quantity value.

And then lastly, line eight. You work so hard to draw your target audience into your profile to get them to say yes to you to build what we call kale, tea or know like and trust. Now you're not just going to leave them hanging. You want to lead them Taking a CTA, or you're going to give them a call to action, tell them now what they should do. Let them know do you want them to give you a call? Do you want them to email you?

Do you want them to message you? Do you want them to reach out to you get in touch with you, right? Leave a little word right at the end in line eight, telling them what they should do next. So follow this cycle graphics script, these eight lines exactly as I have given it to you, in this template, do not deviate from it. And if you follow it, you're going to draw your target audience in and you're also going to psychologically influenced them to want to reach out and contact you. In this handout.

You also have an example of this is my own example. So if you get stuck anywhere, just look at the example to get some ideas to craft your own sizzling psychographic summary.

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