Hunt for Job-specific Keywords

3 minutes
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Okay, so now we're moving along Step four, and we're going to continue looking for keywords. This time, we're going to focus and zoom in on the job itself, what you need to do is you need to go to your LinkedIn profile, go up to the search bar, and when you click it, you're going to see this drop down menu, click jobs, and enter your future job title. Remember, you already identified that job title. Let me give you my example. What if I want to become an HR director? Okay.

So if you notice, I'm putting that job title in quotes, because this is the exact job title I'm looking for. And I'm going to click Enter. And what do I get, I get search results for HR JOB, JOB opportunities that are currently being recruited for through LinkedIn. Now the country really doesn't matter if you want you can even further filter it by going to all filters, and then selecting a specific location in the search results, but you don't have to do that. The purpose of this step is to gather keywords. And what you're going to do is once you see the job title, the job announcements show up, you're going to go to each profile, and you're going to copy paste all of this information.

You're going to copy paste the job title, you're going to copy, paste accountabilities experience, position function, all of this good, yummy information. I'm just going to copy it. I'm going to open up a little note, and I'm going to paste it into there. Okay. And I'm going to go back to my LinkedIn search results. I'm going to go to the next one.

Now, particularly what I want you to focus on is go to the bottom of each announcement and look for positions that have skills listed. It Okay, I didn't see any skills listed there, I don't see any skills listed here. So I'm keep, I'm gonna keep going down, I'm going to find positions with skills listed. Okay, I'm not seeing anyone. Now this is important because and you are going to want to incorporate these skills. So if you notice I just found one here is a physician announcement or opportunity announcement, that showing me skills.

And if you notice, it's also giving me a tick mark next to the skills that I have already have on my profile, and then I have been endorsed for by other people, that's where I get the tick showing up. Now your profile you are going to want to make sure has these keywords in the skill section. So copy paste all of this, okay, so make sure you find a couple of job announcements for your job. Job your next position that has skills listed, copy it, add it to your document. All right, minimum three, keep going going up to maybe even five. All right, go down.

I'm going to look at another one. I have the job description, and I have the skills as well here. So I'm going to copy paste all of this, okay, the job description into my document. Okay, got it. Here we go. This is step number four, you want to create a document where you have gathered, the job description, the requirements, the skills for your next level, job title, your gem of a job.

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