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Get Hired with LinkedIn: The Quick-Start Masterclass Step 9: Your Skills and Endorsements
4 minutes
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Okay, we are now on step number nine, and we are almost at the finish time. This step is all about fixing your skills section. So let's move on down. Let's look at your skill section. If you notice, it's not just skills, but it's skills and endorsements. This section is ultra critical for your search engine optimization, because this is the section most used by recruiters when they are searching for candidates for their job openings.

The biggest mistake that most people make with this section is they leave it to chance as to what others are going to endorse them for. And they let others decide what skills are going to appear and which skills are going to rank on their profiles. You want to think strategic magically and you want to incorporate those specific skills that recruiters want for your future job role. How do you know which skills recruiters want? Well remember you already did the research, you found job announcements for your future job role on LinkedIn. And you highlight it and copy pasted all the information from those job announcements, including the skills section.

And you pasted all of that into your document. And so here is my example, for HR director. And these were the skills talent management, management, leadership, training and development emotional intelligence, analytical skills. Senior professional in human resources, this is a qualification sphr Strategic Human Resources leadership, human resource information systems HR is if you want to appear in the search results for your future job role, then you need to have these skills not just on your profile, but you need to be endorsed for these skills a minimum of five times, if not more, go to your LinkedIn profile, click on the pencil and move these skills around you get to choose which three skills you want to have pinned at the top of your skills and endorsements section as your top skills. Now the skills you pin at the top are the skills others are going to see first, and the ones they see first, are the ones most likely to be endorsed.

So think strategically. What skills do you need more endorsements on move? them up to the top. What skills are the most commonly appearing in those job announcements for your future positions, move those skills to the top, pin them up there, because you want the maximum number of endorsements for these specific skills. So pick and choose put in all the skills you need for your profile to start appearing in search results for your desired job opportunities. Now, a big question that I get from people is how do I get endorsements regular?

Well, the best way to get an endorsement is not to ask for it that looks needy and pathetic. Instead, start endorsing other people. When you endorse someone else for skills. LinkedIn automatically informs them about your endorsement. And then it asked them would you like to endorse You or, for example, I endorsed XYZ, XYZ is going to get a message that he has been endorsed by me. And now would XYZ like to endorse rahila for her skills.

And so it's a given take, people are more likely to want to return the good will back to you and then endorse you for skills. And if you were smart, you made sure that the top three skills you chose carefully because that's what they're going to see first, and those are the skills that they will endorse first. So, find your skills from your job announcement research, plug them in and move those top three that you need the endorsements on as a priority all the way pin them at the top

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