Write Your Profile for Them, Not You

5 minutes
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Okay, so now we are on step three. What do you need to do in step three? Well, we want to hunt and identify keywords that we're going to be putting into our profile. These keywords are going to go into our headline into our summary into our work experience. But where do these keywords come from? Well, to understand where they come from, you need to understand the purpose of your LinkedIn profile.

Your LinkedIn profile is not for you. I mean, you don't get to go on every day to LinkedIn and look at your own profile all and all added and say, Oh my god, I have such a lovely LinkedIn profile. Oh, look how good I look in this write up. Oh, look at my profile pic. Isn't it great. your LinkedIn profile guys is about you.

But it is not for you. It is not supposed to be written for you. It is supposed to be written for your target audience which is going to be Hiring managers your future boss, right. In order to stroke the heartstrings of your future boss, you need to understand their emotional states. So I have prepared a special worksheet for you that's going to help you not only understand your future dream boss, but it's also going to be the source of keywords that you're going to be putting into your LinkedIn profile. So let me walk you through this handout.

Now if you look at this chart in front of you, you see at the top, it is the immediate emotional state of your dream boss and at the bottom, it is the future or imagined emotional state that the left and right you see left you have a way these are emotions that push your dream boss away, or they put them into a negative emotional state. And on the right side you have toward these are the emotional states that draw your dream boss to towards you, and put them into a good mood or a positive emotional state. So let's zoom in on first frustrations. And let me walk you through with an example for my own future dream boss. Now I'm a consultant. So who hires me, are my coaching clients.

So, for example, frustrations, what do my coaching clients or potential coaching clients struggle with? What do they face? Well, first of all, they're stuck in their jobs, right? They're frustrated by being stuck in their jobs. They're demotivated by not getting the growth or the opportunities that they desire. Their problem is that they work hard.

They're working longer, but they're not getting recognized for their efforts and their inputs. They're also struggling with maybe a boss that's a blocker for them and their careers. So these are frustrations, their immediate frustrating emotional states. What about wants, what do they want right now, here I've given you some hints to think about for your dream boss. So let me walk you through for my example. Now my coaching client, what do they want, they want to grow, they want to be promoted.

They want to be recognized for their efforts and their hard work. They want to be certain that the initiatives or the steps that they're taking is going to give them the results that they want the promotion, the growth, they also be wanting to be recognized for their efforts not just by their boss, but by their peers, by the entire organization. They also want to make more money, right, they want a bigger salary, they want better compensation, and they want more freedom. They want to feel that job security is not an issue for them. They want to feel that if they need to, they have the capability and they have the power to move ahead to move into Different roll into a different organization. So these are their immediate wants.

Let's go to the bottom of this handout. What are the imagined or the future fears for my client? And I want you to think about your own dream boss, right when I'm giving you my example. Well, what keeps my dream client up at night worrying about? They're worried about their upcoming appraisal, they're worried about making a good impression on their boss. They're worried about playing politics within the organization, right?

What keeps them up at night? These are those factors that they worry about. What about their imagined aspirations or their future? Right, their dreams? Well, they want to grow quickly. They want to grow fast.

That's their aspiration. They want to be recognized as a high potential employee. They want to be earning the money of a high potential they want to be gaining the status and recognize Mission have a high potential. And they want this freedom where they're not bound by the policies and procedures for all employees, but they're given special treatment that's given to the coveted few high potential employees. So I've just given you the example for my ideal client or my future boss would be would be my customer who would hire me. I want you to put your dream boss into these four quadrants and think about these different emotional states.

Why am I making you focus on emotions? Because the driver for all decisions is an emotion. And we're going to be using these emotions, both the negative emotions and the positive emotions as keywords in when we are writing up and changing up our LinkedIn profiles. So get busy. Analyze your dream bosses for emotional states.

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