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Get Hired with LinkedIn: The Quick-Start Masterclass Step 5: Your Captivating LinkedIn Headline
5 minutes
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Okay, now we are on step five. And this step is all about creating a captivating profile headline. What is this headline? It's this area right underneath your name. This is very valuable LinkedIn real estate. Your headline follows you around everywhere you go on LinkedIn.

Whenever you send a connection request when you post anything when you comment, when you write an article, everywhere you go, people will see your profile pic and your headline. So you need to make sure that it not only grabs attention, but it draws in your target audience and creates in them a desire to further want to read your profile and even reach out to you. So I have a special formula that I want you to follow to this script in order to create your own captivating headline. So here is that formula that I want you to follow. Begin with your job title, not your current job title. Remember LinkedIn is about your future, your next level role that you are aspiring to move into within the next six to 12 months.

Don't be specific. Don't say, if you're aspiring to become a senior manager, don't say senior manager, say manager don't say assistant manager say manager. Okay? So don't be Don't try to pigeonhole you or box yourself into a very specific job title be more broad, but at the same time, be specific in terms of your specialization. Are you in supply chain? Are you in it?

Are you in security? Are you an HR? So how would you put your job title, HR managers supply chain manager, audit manager, Marketing Manager commercial Manager, right? Next helping, okay, I want you to use this exact word. Because this LinkedIn profile and especially your headline needs to speak to your target audience, they need to know the wi I FM, what's in it for me? All right, they really don't care about you and what you do, unless you tell them how what you do and who you are, can benefit them.

So use this word helping and then tell us fill in the blank. Who do you help? Is it a specific industry? Is it a specific role? Is it a specific type of person? Are you helping senior leaders?

Are you helping the pharmaceutical industry? Are you helping financial institutions to do what? This is where you're going to fill in the blank with the fears and frustrations that you identified with the key words For your dream boss, what are the problems that you're helping them to resolve and solve? And add on using or by, tell us your expertise? What is that unique thing that you identified in your gem triangle for expertise that really sets you apart from everyone else in the market out there, doing the same type of job as you once that part is done, I want you to move on by inserting a fence post. So this straight single line is called a fence post.

Make sure you are leaving a space before and after the fence post. Otherwise, if it's connected to these other words, these words will not show up in search results and you will miss out on some critical keywords that could help you rank in search results. So after the fence post, I want you to add in your qualifications are you an MBA or Do you have any type of special certifications, like cipd or PMP? Right to whatever it is, I want you to put in each qualification separating them with a space, fence post and another space. Once you have listed your key qualifications, I want you to end off your headline with specializations. These are some keywords that you will pick up from those job advert analysis that you did remember, you copy pasted those job descriptions off of LinkedIn?

What are some of the specializations or key phrases that those job descriptions are repeatedly asking for? So if I'm an HR, maybe my specialization is recruitment. Or maybe my specialization is performance management or compensation and benefits. So for your industry for your specific role, what are some key words with reference to specialists So go ahead, put together your own captivating headline, use this formula. Exactly. Please do not get creative and deviate from this formula.

And if you run out of characters using the desktop LinkedIn platform, there is a little hint for you go and open up the LinkedIn app either on your iPhone or on an iPad, because you get more than double the amount of characters that they give you on the desktop platform. So put your captivating headline together now

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