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Get Hired with LinkedIn: The Quick-Start Masterclass Step 8: Your Result-based Experience
5 minutes
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All right now we are on step eight. And so far you've fixed your profile pic, you've put in a beautiful banner, you've created a captivating headline, and boy is your summary sizzling. Step eight is about fixing your experience section. So come on down. And let's look at your experience section. Now this section is a lot like your work experience section of your resume.

But we need to give it the link to in touch. In the experience section, you're going to click on the plus sign. And you're going to add in each one of your experiences from your first position that you've ever held to your current position and you want to make sure you put them in chronological order. For example, if I was an HR manager I'm going to put in my title there. And I'm going to enter my company's name. If I, for example, work for Microsoft, I'm going to type in my company's name.

And I'm going to let LinkedIn populate the options for me here and I'm going to find my company's name. And I'm going to click on the company that I worked for now you want to do this, because LinkedIn will then insert the logo of your company. And this looks really good in your profile, when each one of your experiences has the logo next to it. And then in the description, you're going to give me some result based bullets. Now what is a result based bullet? a result based bullet consists of three elements, an action word, followed by a quantified result.

It could be a quantity, it could be a quality measure, it could be a time or turnaround measure or cost measure. And you're going to give me the how, by doing what, or we call this the key job responsibility. So this is not a copy paste of your job description. In your job description, you only have a list of job responsibilities. We want to add in the result that you were able to deliver, doing each one of those key responsibilities. Let's look at a couple of examples.

Here's an example for sales grew. Okay, here's the action revenue by $500,000. Here's the quantity. After three years sales declined. By now we give the job description or responsibility reorganizing the sales territories this is an example of a result based bullet point that you want to list down under each of the rules that you have held in your work experience. And you want to put in minimum, three result based bullets under each one of those job positions you've held.

Let's look at another example. Supply Chain, negotiated. Here's the action, third party employee contracts and saved $75,000. Here is the result per month by and now here's the job responsibility, creating a competitive bidding process for contractors. One more, here's one for admin manager increased that's the action office efficiency by 20%. So there's the quantity By now the job responsibility, managing transportation for head office staff of 150, while handling 70 to 100 incoming calls per day.

This is a result based bullet. So that's what you want to put in. Under each one of the positions you've held a result based bullet, right, so put in three, or four. But not you don't need more than that key results that you were able to deliver for each of the positions you've held all the way up to your most current role. Your experience section of your LinkedIn profile is extremely important because this is the opportunity for you to fill in the experience section with a lot of key words that are going to help you to show up in the search results of recruiters and hiring managers. So fill in all of those keywords that you identified from your earlier stuff.

Researching job announcements on LinkedIn. So try to plug in those job responsibilities and other keyword phrases so that you get a strong SEO, Search Engine Optimization boost to your LinkedIn profile.

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