“advertising campaign”

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"ad-ver-tis-ing cam-paign" | You're not so difficult to pronounce when we break you into syllables.


An advertising campaign is a planned series of advertisements that will be used in particular places at specific times to show or promote a product or service and persuade people to buy it or use it. In other words, an advertising campaign is to show people what you have to sell, so they can learn about it and hopefully by it. Let's break the phrase advertising campaign into syllables into parts. The first part ad sounds just like the word ad. rhymes with pad and dad. The second part verse sounds like the ve R sound, in the words version and verse.

The third part ties sounds like the word ties and rhymes with prize and size. The fourth part in sounds like the i n g sound, in the words sling, and thing. The fifth part cam sounds like the CA m sound in the words camp, and kammo the sixth part pain sounds like the word pain and rhymes with gain in vain. Now repeat after me Add ver ties Singh Kham pain add ver tie Singh Kham pain, advertising campaign. advertising campaign because no one knew about the new product, we created an aggressive advertising campaign. Well, it seems that your advertising campaign worked because you made a ton of money their new advertising campaign includes pink elephants, tons of pink cotton candy and 50,000 pink balloons.

They're crazy. Unless they're trying to sell pink unicorns. I don't think their advertising campaign will work.

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