Great Sex From the Inside Out

Most loving, committed couples get stuck in a sexual rut at some point in their relationship. They are not dysfunctional, just stuck. My Great Sex From The Inside Out course will help you reignite the flame of desire in your relationship.

Great Sex From the Inside Out

Most loving, committed couples get stuck in a sexual rut at some point in their relationship. They are not dysfunctional, just stuck. My Great Sex From The Inside Out course will help you reignite the flame of desire in your relationship.
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About the Class

There are dozens of courses about sex available online. Besides that, books on the subject of sex that line the shelves of booksellers. These books claim to show couples and singles how to have better sex lives by enhancing their physical appearance, learning new techniques, or experimenting with sexual positions and sex aids.

The problem with these approaches is that they fail to acknowledge one fundamental truth about sex: real sexual satisfaction starts and ends between your ears (not your legs) with your thoughts, feelings, self-talk, mental images, values, and goals about your individual sexuality, and your relationships.

My Great Sex from the Inside Out course is a lifeline for people just like you who want a more fulfilling, less inhibited sex life. In this groundbreaking course, I'll show you how to use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to unleash the power of your sexual mind and achieve the sexual life you want and deserve.      

This course is not designed for people with diagnosed sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction (ED). My course is designed for people just like you who function OK sexually and enjoy sex, but feel that something is missing. You know your sex life could get better if you could get out of that sexual rut you are stuck in. 

Most people who usually function (who desire sex, can get aroused, and experience orgasm) still have various sexual worries and concerns. Sexual worries fuel several multi-billion dollar industries that are dedicated to making you look a certain way (cosmetics, fitness, and clothing), smell a certain way (body wash, perfume, deodorant), and live up to an almost unattainable standard (performance-enhancing drugs, herbs, and stimulants). When you fail to reach these goals, you turn to self-help books, counseling, sex therapy, and even psychoanalysis.  

Average, healthy men and women like yourself don't need to spend money on sexual products or the industries that spawn them. Everything you need to enjoy sex and have a satisfying and stimulating sexual life exists within your mind. They only thing you need to do is unleash the power of your sexual mind.

Acceptance Commitment Therapy, a values-based form of therapy, can do just that. Although it was originally developed as a form of psychotherapy, ACT principles and practices are now used for many issues ranging from stress management to eating disorders and are a perfect fit for managing sexual concerns and worries. The ACT is designed to help you examine your sexual thoughts, emotions, personal scripts, and mental images to see if the messages they are sending you are helpful or unhelpful in having the sex life you desire, based on your values and goals.

The concepts within my course are values-neutral. Because my approach does not promote any specific set of sexual values, it cuts across racial, ethnic, religious, gender, and geopolitical lines. My course will be just as useful to you if you are a 21-year-old single gay man as it would be if you were a 45-year-old, married heterosexual woman.

I am a happily- married, heterosexual, 68-year-old father of two adult sons who still enjoys great sex with my wife of 48 years and think that my best sexual years with her are in the present moment and did not occur 10, 20, or 30 years ago. If you are like me and already have a satisfying and meaningful sex life, ACT can help you fine-tune your sexual thinking and increase your satisfaction to even higher levels.

Along with having more fun, my approach to better sex involves introspection, learning new information and skills, having faith, coexisting with troubling sexual thoughts and emotions, and making a commitment to live a values-based sexual life. The quest outlined within my Great Sex From The Inside Out is a spiritual journey, going beyond the self to help you connect with your partner(s) in a deeper, more honest, and intimate way. My goal for you is to enjoy the journey and be sure to stop and smell the roses along the way.


Dr. Rich Blonna

Your Guide to Less Stress and Better Sex
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Dr Rich Blonna is a world-renowned expert in understanding how the mind and body work together to reduce stress and have better sex. He is a retired Professor Emeritus from William Paterson University in NJ. For over 25 years he has devoted himself to helping people just like you stress less and have better sex lives. As a Coach (BCC),...

Class Requirements

There are no pre-requisites for this course. The only requirement is that you should be able to use a computer to download course materials and view video training sessions.

What's Included

Level: Intermediate
Duration: 6 hours 2 minutes
16 Videos
16 Audio Files
4 Documents
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