SimPLife: The Essential BioDynamics - Self-Reliance, Cosmos, Four Elements

Learn the simple practical ways to partner with the universe for life, farm, and garden.

SimPLife: The Essential BioDynamics - Self-Reliance, Cosmos, Four Elements

Learn the simple practical ways to partner with the universe for life, farm, and garden.
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About the Class

Allow the universe to improve your life.

The cosmos or surrounding physical universe is, in fact, the majority mechanical and energetic driver for all systemic events which occur on planet earth.

  • Biology sculpts the life vehicle
  • Dynamics maintains life conditions
  • Entanglement connects all

Many believe the cosmos is just a nice nighttime light show with no practical use. Well. How about the most vital and alive produce from your farm or garden?

Paying attention: Accepting, studying, and finally utilizing the cosmic rhythms, already present whether we like it or not, is to court synchronization with the universe, to finally join the bountiful cosmic dance.

A note for organic farmers:

This course is intended to be taken before the farming courses, in a logical triad of cosmos education, earth-care, and strategic organic food production.

  • The essential biodynamics provides the why, vital details on supportive cosmic rhythms, delivering the unique potency for
  • Bio-organic farming and gardening which provides the how, a basic foundation of earth prep and biodynamic-organic food production, and
  • Living farm, provides the what, strategizing farm efforts, and suggests food choices to improve the life of you, the bio-organic farmer.

Biodynamically managed gardens and farms are among the most robust on the planet, though we still lack the tech needed to quantify what that means to the physical health and longevity emerging from a beneficially energetic partnership with ethereal source energy and the same simple easy to learn approach applies directly to all living systems, such as humans, you and I.

What will you learn in this course?

  • To interpret a BD calendar, quickly see which events and energies are prevalent on any given day, and the actions best to take in regards to planetary Life
  • The moon, sun, earth, planets, and stars actually move or dance together to create real and on-going, physical and energetic changes upon the earth
  • You can apply daily cosmic events to indicate probabilities, as guidance regarding decisions in your everyday life
  • The four basic elements each affect our behaviors and our farming efforts
  • In 1924, the poor chemical state of German farming resurrected cosmic phenomena as modern science and coined the term biodynamics
  • The roles of Rudolph Steiner and his 1924 agricultural course, later developed and verified by Maria Thun, still later refined by Peter Proctor
  • The breakthrough truths in Universal dynamics, now organized into Unified Physics, as discovered and proofed by Nassim Haramein and associates
  • What Charles Darwin missed, in his now-infamous 1831 jaunt around the world on the HMS Beagle
  • Big agro-business interests benefit from monopolizing worldwide food production and discouraging nature-based farming
  • BD, despite the proven benefits, is not embraced scientifically or socially worldwide

In actual fact, the relatively new science or body of observed phenomena that we now know as biodynamics is rooted in the most ancient of our sciences, and to this day carried out in India and other earth-based enclaves worldwide

Our first cosmic diviners became "scientists" by routinely observing the night sky and were the humans who first noticed how certain cosmic movements and events brought changes onto the earth with her soil, growing plants, and with humans themselves. This course comes to you from:

  • The ancient Himalayan Kingdom of Ladakh, also from
  • South Korea, also
  • Nepal, the Fabled Shangri-La, also
  • Saipan, Northern Marianas, as well as from
  • Macau, China

So this is something of a world travel doc as well. Not for info-tourists, you will be fairly tested for knowing the basic effects of Cosmos upon living beings. Energy practitioners, career farmers, backyard hobbyists, community leaders, urban or rural or just folks wanting a bit of simple sensibility will find this informative, creatively useful, and essential.

Vital: At any time, if something does not make sense to you, or you have a particular situation to ask about, use this course as an info-forum. Ask any and every question in course discussions, so others may benefit, in addition to yourself. In this indirect way, you are thus helping to guide and direct the course.


Im Simpl

Engineer, Permaculture Instructor, LEED Accredited Professional, Organic Farmer/Natural Builder/Designer/Filmmaker/healer/actor/musician and world-wandering wordweaver
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im has been sojourning, building, planting, writing and teaching for over 30 years. In 1991, prior to the dawn of Certification Madness, im created SimPL as a short-contract and volunteer organization which seeks out and assists individuals and communities towards arriving at a self-reliant lifebase, amidst the growing apathy and...


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What's Included

Language: English
Level: All levels
Skills: Gardening, Essential Biodynamics, Organic Farming, Cosmos, Farming, Agriculture, Self-Reliance
Duration: 3 hours 51 minutes
37 Videos
4 Documents
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