The rule of thirds

Tame your Sugar Gremlin A - Add protein, fat and fiber
6 minutes
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Hi, Dr. Sandy here, helping you tame your sugar Gremlin with the candy floss system. In the last session, we did something a little unconventional. We had popcorn with cheese. Now the protein component of the cheese slowed the sugar dump. In this lesson, we find out what the fat in cheese get up to, as we continue unpacking the a weapon, which involves adding protein, fat, and fiber. There are lots of chemicals shooting around in your gut.

Scientists have identified over 100 different chemicals. Don't worry, I'm not going to introduce you to all 100 of them. But I do want you to know About two, the first, often nicknamed the hunger hormone, is hunger hormone. When this guy is out and about, you're at risk of a sugar Gremlin moment. In your body there multiple hormones that do exactly the opposite of Greenland. They tell your brain, your fault.

And since you full you can cease and desist eating one of the major satiety hormones, that is the IM for hormones, is cholesterol cytokine, and we'll just call him cck. cck arise in the gut in response to a fatty meal. He's responsible for getting fat digestion and subsequent adsorption sorted. That is kind of complicated to handle, because it doesn't dissolve in water. So cck has his hands for orchestrating the big events. He begins by shooting a message to the brain, telling it to hold on further eating until the current load of fat has been processed.

He also sends a message to the stomach to hold on letting more food in to the intestine. So gastric emptying slows as well. Then, he squeezes the gallbladder so that it squirts out bile. The bow emulsifies the fact sounds rather grand, but just means that the big fat molecules are turned into smaller fat my seals, which are way easier to break down the final job of cck is to give a shout out to the pancreas to produce enzymes, which will break down the fat and other goodies. So by adding that piece of cheese, which was both protein and fat in one move, you've made life a whole lot easier for the lover by slowing the arrival of the cops down, and you've got the brain feeling all satisfied, because it knows you're full. Your sugar Gremlin is sunk.

Every time you take bites, try to obey the rule of thirds in to eat carbs, fats, and proteins. Balanced bites, we'll take a pig bite out of your sugar gremlins power. So if you want to keep your sugar grandma away until lunchtime, Start your day with egg and toast for breakfast rather than toast with jam. Getting breakfast right sets the tone for the whole day. You are eating breakfast. skipping breakfast is like sending an invite to your sugar Gremlin Dasha Gremlin, I'm throwing a party around 10 Please come.

I'm checking into your favorite munchies learn about afternoon dips in energy and enthusiasm. A vein the rule of thirds over lunch will definitely happen. But if you are the seat by smooze attack courtesy of your sugar Gremlin. Do not give in. Your brain has a built in alarm clock. He's very special neurons send electrical signals, which are irritating enough to wake up everyone.

Fortunately, that didn't generated by Erickson can only be heard by other neurons in your head, so it jolts your brain into action. Sugar seems to be very adept at hitting the snooze button on your brain's alarm clock. Which is why if you treat a snooze attack with a dollop of sugar, the rise in energy that you get is seriously short term. It doesn't take too long for the stickers by energy to wane leaving you feeling flat as a pancake. amino acids. These are the goodies that make up proteins do exactly the opposite.

They wind the alarm clock up. So when you suffer a snooze attack, do not make the mistake of hitting the snooze button with something sweet. Wind yourself up with a protein stack. Options include an A glass of milk or a piece of Bolton. Oh, load up on something largely and digestible. Join me for the next lesson to find out how adding fiber is a turnoff for your sugar Gremlin.

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