Hidden hungers

Tame your Sugar Gremlin S - Sink the saboteurs
6 minutes
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Hi, this is Dr. Sandy helping you tame your sugar Gremlin with the little candy plus, no sugar Gremlin is a nice guy. He He's always trying to have he's very committed to help your brain stay fueled, but the nice guy that he is, can cause trouble. In this lesson we discover how your sugar Gremlin can become the spokesperson for others, who then unwittingly sabotage your efforts to tame your sugar Gremlin. Now, remember, the sugar gremlins job is to keep the brain supplied with energy. But it takes more than energy to keep a body maintained. The shopping list can be quite long, and each body has a unique set of needs and wants based on its genetic blueprint.

Current circumstances. Most of these needs don't actually have special spokespersons to remind you to pick up foods containing the required ingredients, but your sugar Gremlin is happy to help out. The trouble is, your sugar Gremlin can't tell the difference between nutrient dense and calorie dense foods, so they bring home the wrong thing, necessitating another shopping spree and more munching hidden hungers can be behind uncontrolled sugar gremlins. Now logic would suggest most hidden hungers arise because of poor diet. Let's face it, a diet of Gremlin munchies ik processed foods is likely to be iffy. From a nutritional perspective, the act of processing is hard coding.

And many of the more delicate nutrients don't make it. Manufacturers often try to fix the situation by adding nutrients back, which is why that box of cereal has so many nutrients. The trouble is the nutrients that are being added back, all the ones that are cheap and easy to add back, munching on processed foods could leave you missing a couple of Mother Nature's A to Z. And you're not always getting them in the same quantities that Mother Nature intends. Either realized There's too much of something can be just as problematic as too little. Interestingly, the nutrients that are routinely missing in people's diets are those which are classified as the fat soluble ones.

So zinc and Koli vitamins A, K and D. These guys need the help effect to get out of the food and into your body. To get the benefit of nutrients inside that cucumber, you need to add liberal quantities of oil affect. Love feting can leave the salad being calorie and nutrient free. A stressful moment for any sugar Gremlin. And stressed sugar gremlins go prowling for cops. Fortunately, if your candy flossing Cutting the carbs, especially the a cellular carbs, which are those that are most often found in processed foods and adding in fat, protein and fiber.

These two moves will definitely help you address hidden hungers arising from a bad diet. Bad, bad, that is nutritionally poor food is not the only reason for hidden hungers. Sometimes the problem is the nutrients never make it out of the gut and into your body. This can arise because physical damage to the gut. Now damage begins with exposure to some kind of irritant. irritants include stress, infections, drugs and specific foods.

Tenuous exposure to irritants can lead to the vision, the little haze on top of the cells lining your gut malfunctioning. When this happens, the gut cells are not able to absorb all the goodies. of food you might want to be on your guard against is gluten. This protein found in wheat, barley and rye is a very common irritant in people with a genetic predisposition. This irritation can lead to a diagnosis of celiac disease, but gluten is actually irritating. For all gats.

Gluten is often a co conspirator have your sugar Gremlin, contributing to hidden hungers. Sometimes there's nothing physically wrong in the gut. The problem is is a microbial problem. The bacterial population that resides in your gut is not processing things efficiently, because the guts has turned into a bit of a war zone with the bad guys dominating these hidden hungers can be tricky to uncover, and just as tricky to fix. But in the end, you do need to fix them. If you don't want your sugar Gremlin to be in control of the grocery list, maybe wondering, is it possible to use a little chemistry to sync your sugar Kremlin?

Join me in the last lesson to see if you can turn the tables on your sugar Gremlin by slipping it poison pill

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