Dine don't graze

Tame your Sugar Gremlin D - Dine don't graze
9 minutes
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Hi, it's Dr. Sandy here. In this section, we're going to explore why you should always serve your sugar Gremlin. big, fancy dinner. That is you should die. Not graze your stomach laughs to tell you that it is starving, stopping, usually with low grade crumbles and squeaks, but don't be fooled. you're feeding your brain.

Remember, your brain is a power hungry vacuum cleaner and the catch for the most part. It wants carbohydrates. There are a few things you need to know upfront. Your brain can tell time. No agreed it's not a perfect stopwatch. I'll be there in a minute is subject to interpretation.

But if you're above ground, your brain doesn't get the time of day wrong. Your brain has a rhythm, the circadian rhythm patch your brain is not clairvoyant, it cannot tell the future. So if you skip breakfast because well you're in a rush, your brain will notice. It will notice that the energy supplies were not replenished and come to a very logical conclusion. Ah, there's a famine, batten down the hatches conserve, conserve, conserve, who knows when our next meal will be? The trouble.

The unnecessary panic attack creates that bad body chemistry that drives grim than munchies. Remember, your sugar grin is actually trying to help you to avoid an energy crisis. So something is innocent is skipped. Breakfast can sink the wheel turning fast and furiously on bad body chemistry, making the sugar cravings harder to resist. If we go back to the arc, the hunger and satiety neurons are always on duty if they happen to have tours during the night because they had very little to do. I have rendus could doodle do courtesy of Erickson scares the bejesus out of them and get everyone in a wakeful state.

This is assuming your clock is ticking. Right. naptime and snack time, need to be aligned in a perfect rhythm. The Rude Awakening that happened in your head, stirs the styles in your stomach. It suddenly notices that it's empty, refreshed from the restful night's sleep. This stomach isn't keen to get things moving and avert any pending energy crisis.

It's well aware that day shift is coming on duty, so it's time to begin the process of storing fat. A squirt of the hunger hormone ghrelin is released to remind everyone to get on with life and begin munching. And the old adage eat breakfast like a king, lunch, like a queen, and dinner like a pauper holds true. The more calories you can pack in early means the more time the body has to use them. So if you must have chocolate cake, eat it for breakfast. The science suggests it's less likely to accumulate on your hips.

Now, what would a king eat for breakfast, black coffee, Maybe coffee and a pastry, muesli egg bacon and the whole enchilada. Hmm. King would eat the whole enchilada. It's the ultimate weapon against pesky sugar gremlins eat sportswoman carbs with plenty of protein and fat at it at breakfast like this would flatten any sugar Gremlin. Pretty much all day. Oh dia.

Yeah, you're not a breakfast type. In fact, you're pretty sure that Greenland does not pay you a visit early in the morning. All you can stomach for breakfast, is a strong cup of coffee and or a cigarette. Well that caffeine Definitely creates a little buzz. It can take you from bored and tired to highly productive and the added bonus, because it makes you think you're dealing with a big woolly mammoth. It averts an energy crisis, the fistfuls of sugar it releases into your system allow your sugar gremlins to have a bit of a lie in the nicotine and cigarettes also causes a big woolly mammoth effect squirting sugar into your circulation system.

The nicotine effect is actually thanks to nicotine being able to tickle a whole lot of nerves through a little chemical deception, which is why smoking is an effective way to keep your sugar Gremlin and your thumb but you should quit smoking will hasten your demise. Unfortunately, the day you do all hell breaks loose. So, after the coffee and cigarette breakfast, what happens? Well, at 945, the sugar dump, courtesy of your favorite stimulant is now your brain is fully awake. It's capable of doing the maths. It doesn't take terribly long to reach the conclusion.

It's a Hey, and the freckle of an energy crisis. Okay, breakfast. It was served the booby prize. Hello, the stomach is still empty. It's time to take action. Greenland is pumped out and the sugar Gremlin cries out.

Me and make sure you give me nice things. You're late. turns into a sugar Gremlin feeding frenzy and a sugar Gremlin rollercoaster ride, which was stop until you drop for the lights. You're compelled to snack to tame your sugar Gremlin. You need to feed your brain starting early in the morning. Ideally within an hour after you've opened your eyes, do a big breakfast make sure you cut the carbs and add protein, fat and fiber to every meal.

Eat regularly. A good rule of thumb every four to five hours and do not feed all day. I need to warn you forcing your sugar Grandin to eat three square meals a day. Nothing more. Nothing Less will be met with much resistance. Resistance can come in many false shakes, waves of nausea, fainting spells, not to mention wild sugar cravings, the moods and and adulterated aggression.

This weapon calls for tough love and baby steps. If you're not brave enough to go cold turkey, you do need to lean your sugar Gremlin off grazing. If you must snake obey the rules of thirds. You'll be right back where you started. Remember, there are two fuel supplies carbohydrates, the low octane version and fats, the high octane version if you're running on carbs, and you are if you have a sugar Gremlin problem. You may have actually forgotten how to run on fat.

Because when insulin is around the Busey burger make sure you are always storing fat, the good news. Practice makes perfect. Unfortunately, practicing anything seldom feels good. Join me in the next lesson, as we look at a few dentists do's and don'ts.

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