Buying tickets for the FUN FAIRE

Tame your Sugar Gremlin F - Fill up on non-edible FEEL GOODS
7 minutes
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Hi, it's Dr. Sandy here. This lesson, we're going to have lots of fun enjoying the ride in the nucleus accumbens theme park. As we thought up on non edible feel goods, let's be honest, hanging around doing as little as possible is the default human condition. The nature had to fight this tendency to chill, tooth and nail because in bygone times if you didn't snap out of it, starving was a real possibility. So, Mother Nature route warded behaviors that were particularly helpful for survival. Little things like having sex to procreate and eating calorie rich food.

I feel good Like I knew that I would. So good, so fun. This reward system still functions today, sex and food still trigger it. We have acquired a whole bunch more ways to feel good. And we all have our own personal feel good things. For some, it's money for others be connected.

The more driven among us get a biological reward. Every time they cross an item off the to do lists and drugs of addiction, both legal and illegal ones all create good feelings. All of the feel good activities allow you to buy tickets to enter the front An area of your brain known as the nuclear combats, the more document tickets you have, the more fun you're in full. And your theme park field is a magical place. Once you're inside. Fun is when you start playing and you start winning.

You feel fabulous as you collect your prize, and then you win again and again and, again. doesn't take too long to accumulate a trolley full of happiness. having so much fun, you never want to leave. You want to spend all your time at the front So, you're always looking for opportunities to buy more tickets. Food is addictive. Wait a minute, wait a minute.

Broccoli is not addictive. Let's just rephrase. Some food is addictive, so precisely which food is addictive? Well, it's really simple. Everything that is fattening food that have lots of carbs and lots of fat. And your brain is trying to save you from sitting on your butt and potentially starving.

You're wired for a world of scarcity. famine was a real threats. So the team running the ark project V to this happiness factor. good tasting food can trigger the munchies. But on paper at least, you should know when to stop. As the sugar levels rise, the society neuron should trigger.

But oftentimes, they're not focused on the body's energy information. They fixated on what's happening in the nucleus accumbens. Particularly, because back in the nuclear companies, the ticket prices suddenly shot through the roof. One Twinkie no longer gives you enough of a throw. To get the same level of exhilaration requires three Twinkies. So three Twinkies later.

Fun begins jersey rooting around in joying the fun until you run out of gas is there no more Twinkies? The Cabot is Bay, you're broke. So you make a deal with the devil. Okay, maybe that is a bit melodramatic, but you don't come out on top. In fact, you feel apps miserable. So it's summarize.

You feel fabulous when you're at the fun thing, and miserable when you're not. So wait, do you want to spend your time? Yep, you do everything you can to return to the fanfare, including tucking into another Twinkie When you are as full as chick, food manufacturers know this, they spent loads of money finding just the right mix to get you hooked. So you buy more of their product and they make more money. It's just like being addicted to heavy drugs. Only worse.

Food is everywhere and you got to eat. Just saying no, is going to be real hard. So what can you do? Step one candy as much as you can. You've got to get that body chemistry right before you worry about the head chemistry. Step two.

Jo Jo. stands for just eat real food. Remember food manufacturers are designing foods that will drop packet loads of dopamine into your brain. So small business move, nothing Mother Nature packages. He's in the same league. So if it comes in a box or packet, there is a good chance it's spitting out the tickets.

Step three. Get your tickets some other way. reward yourself. Join me in the next video. As we find out way you can buy these feel good tickets.

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