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Tame your Sugar Gremlin S - Sink the saboteurs
10 minutes
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Hi, this is Dr. Sandy helping you tame your sugar Gremlin. We're philidor candy plus In this lesson, meeting some of your sugar gremlins, business associates. I think chemicals, you know love and trust, which help your sugar gremlins stay afloat. sugar gremlins are pretty affable creatures, so they're happy to form a partnership with a wide array of other chemicals. The first chemical we'll look at is strictly a forbidden friend. But if you spend time in its company, your sugar Gremlin will come up with delight.

The cannabinoids, which are the ingredients found in the her marijuana, weed, men, cheesemakers, in fact, there's some times prescribed to fatten people up so smoking a joint is the equivalent of waving a red flag in front of your bowl Sugarman will rise to the occasion. But illicit drugs are the only drugs with ties to your sugar Gremlin. Many of the medications you may be taking have sugar Gremlin hidden inside how active the sugar Gremlin is will vary. Some people will never notice its presence. Others will find it a right foil nuisance. If you find it right real nuisance, you might need to check to your doctor about it.

Sometimes your doc will be able to change the prescription. Sometimes you will just have to live with it. Remember, living with it is much better than living with a problem. The meds are helping you To solve, so don't decide to stop taking your polls with out consulting your health care provider. If you have to live with it, you'll have to be a little more vigilant. Candy flossing.

You may be thinking artificial sweeteners put this week in your world with out the bad body chemistry so they must be weapons against sugar gremlins, not sugar gremlins, sidekicks. Hmm, bad news. They can be both. On the one hand, they can buy tickets into the nuclear commits. And well, you feel good like to know that you would catch you by using fake money. The guy manning the ticket office is not too fussy, but your brain is mathematical was when the calories don't add up, it catches on.

This is particularly a problem of brains that are still attending calorie school, because this is when the playbooks are being written. The brain should learn that sweet things contain lots of calories, that is energy. So when you eat something delicious is sweet. You can expect not only a dollop of dopa mean, but a whole lot of juice. So, something sweet we'll have a sweet kick. So the appetite suppression neurons should not take this sweet time kicking in.

When the brain is exposed to sweet things which have zero calorie writing. It can get a little confused, confused can play out with lots of over indulgence. Now all brains are not immune to these math problems. Several studies have found that consumption of artificially speaking things leads to eating more, not less. But this effect is both biological and psychological. After all, if you're sipping on a diet cold drink, you've now created calorie capacity.

So you don't have to worry the ring on the chocolate cake. Some foods include a little something extra, which allows you to enjoy an extra write or two in the nucleus accumbens find thing now sticky Speaking, this is not your sugar Gremlin at work. So pointing fingers at your sugar Gremlin probably is a little unfair. But your sugar Gremlin is a shrewd businessman and he's happy to exploit the endorphin effect, which thanks to more receptors will get you eating more. And more often than not, the more you're eating is loaded with carbs. So you end up triggering that bad body chemistry cycle.

Remember, your body uses signals to control the boys in the arc, which is why in the candy floor system, you're encouraged to cut the carbs and add protein, fat and fiber to your meals. We learned about Korean and we learned about cholesterol cytokines and cck for short. At The time I told you we were scratching the surface, the more effect is actually part of this signalling system. The more effect revolves around spatial set of senses that are found along the pipeline, which is carrying the food from the intestine to the liver. The job of the malls, which are your new opioid receptors is to keep tabs on the quality of the food that is coming in. When the more receptors are triggered, it feels fabulous.

But this is not a dollop of dopa mean fabulous. It's more of a real experience because you folks Morpheus, the God of Israel. Think about how you feel after a family feast. You're just full and want to sit on the couch and pee, no worries, just complete and total peace. This is a good state to be in. But this dreamlike state, eludes most of us.

It is only achieved on high days and holidays. Oh, the little pharmacological help. Ah for some very lucky individuals who ticularly tuned in. bites of food can take them thing. The reason some foods include components that bite To the more receptors, which would you say? I need some?

Well, actually, quite a few, but the ones most often used bread and milk. If you love bread, I mean bread. A piece of bread would be nice. We're talking warm, fuzzy feelings of delight. a hunk of bread takes the edge of thing you might be enjoying the more effect so your braids fetish has nothing to do with your shirt Bremen. You're having an affair with punky Creek God.

Well, breaking up is never easy. But since the bread is a really a carbohydrate package, you will be well advised to distance yourself from this comforting food. If you want to take your sugar Gremlin again, candy flossing will help fight the most. Turns out some foods have components which knock the most of the approach the foods most likely to have any more effects protein. So, heading protein, fat and fiber is one way to unseat your carb delicious desires. Now, sometimes, your sugar cream then ends up being the spokesman for shortages not related to energy.

Join me in the next lesson. As we learn how your sugar grimace decides to help out. Sometimes get you into trouble.

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