Trigger happy

Tame your Sugar Gremlin O - Observe your triggers
7 minutes
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Hi, this is Dr. Sandy helping you tame your sugar Gremlin. With the little candy floss. We're wrapping up the observe your triggers section. We'll start the lesson off by putting a face on sugar Gremlin activities. faces can be cues. Bad guys include a boss or a particular coworker.

These faces can evoke feelings. Seldom happy feelings more in the order of anger and frustration, which cue you to reach for the packet of jelly babies. hidden in the bottom drawer. The cue catching sight of X the routine, biting the jelly babies head off instead of decapitating x, the reward you Have a job. So how do you make up this routine? Well, maybe it's time for a new job, not an option of doodle.

Friends can also cue you to eat and eat and eat. try switching the routine by meeting app in a way that does not involve tapping into sugar Gremlin mentees, maybe meet at the park rather than in granny Sue's coffee shop where you always have a piece of that chocolate cake which is to die for. But you can also land up in trouble if you have no friends. and end up hanging out with your sugar Gremlin in front of the TV. Mix up this routine by going out with friends. If you genuinely Don't have any friends just go out.

But beware gatherings of angelic types. These heavenly experiences can be a cue to manage your rent the pre meeting on Monday night and at the end of it you enjoy tea and cake and this sound group on Wednesday, which begins with tea and cake. And of course, after the service on Sunday ends, there's tea and cake. Churches are not the only place where this happens. Most social credit meetups involve tea and cake as part of their activities. sugar gremlins, party animals bye waiting up for your party going teen can cue you into a sugar Gremlin moment.

Cue. They're not back. Routine you eat everything in the house. reward. They arrive back safe and sound and don't get what all the fuss was about. clocks, cute.

Many habits. There's the afternoon snack and the midnight snack and the dinner, snack. Sometimes these are driven by biology. A lot of the time. They're just a habit. If you've got the biology right try taking Long Walk.

Some cues are obvious. If you open a packet, you polish them off. Some need a little bit of detective work. For example, you load up more when the music is loud. This is because you've got taste buds in your ears. Okay?

I was just kidding. But sensory overload in one place, namely your ears seems to diminish sensory perception in another, namely your time. If there are fewer items on your plate, you'll probably eat more. Which is why it's a good idea to create smaller bites by cutting up the food and serving it's of course on a smaller plate. Lastly, when you slip up To use this as a cue to indulge, we've all been there, you've had a sugar Gremlin moment and you feel horrible. You need a lift.

So you eat something to get a dollop of dopamine and you quickly feel okay? But the okay feeling doesn't last because you're wracked with guilt because you just pigged out. One small, you feel bad. Oops. you're experiencing flip flopping through the tulips in May. And you can bet your bottom dollar your sugar Gremlin is along for the ride.

Changing a habit is hard. Recognizing the key is a significant part of the battle. Take some time to plan, what you will do when you are cued. Then cultivate a sensitivity to the cues and be the boss. You do have the ability to override those neurons. Finally, acknowledge little wins.

Every time you get it right, you're making inroads and building new pathways, rewriting those standard operating procedures, manuals, and all dogs can learn new tricks. It just takes longer. And hey, sure not to all for a little sizzle, then slow dance. Join me in the next session when we burn the dance floor and Tony Your sugar Gremlin in the process.

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