Rein in insulin

Tame your Sugar Gremlin C - Cutting the carbs
9 minutes
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Hi, this is Dr. Sandy helping you tame your sugar Gremlin with the candy floss system. Now, in this lesson we're exploring just how your sugar Gremlin upsets your body chemistry, creating an apparent shortage of sugar. It's pop into the rock. This is the part of your brain, which regulates appetite. Now, if it's been a while, since you ate something, the sugar supplies are likely to have dropped. Since a drop in sugar levels can eat bits of the brain with nothing to burn a drop in sugar, sparks a bit of a panic attack in the arc headquarters.

The panic sees the hanging You're on fire off, encouraging you to go and find something to eat. Preferably something which is full of sugar Because, well, you're in the midst of a sugar crisis. So you load up your fault with a carbohydrate bite. Usually something sweet, a jam sandwich, a doughnut, some chocolates you give in cricket too. And when the bite is in your mouth gets mixed with saliva. The saliva helps to make it soggy.

So it will be able to slide down into your stomach. The saliva also includes an enzyme amylase, amylase begins the process of breaking the Faerie long carbohydrates into small chunks. This is necessary because big bites of food are not able to pass from the stomach to the small intestine. Now, the longest You choose, the more of the carbohydrate gets broken down. But even if you choose your bites 30 times or more, which, if you're suffering a sugar crisis is not going to happen. The chew a sun only begins the process, the breakdown of the cogs continue in the stomach actually doesn't take terribly long for the carbohydrate to be broken down into little bits, which can slip down the drain and into the small intestine.

Some bits need to be broken down further by other instance, specific ones. So if the sugar is from milk, then the enzyme that has to do the chopping is an enzyme called lactase. If the sugar was from a sugar bowl, then the enzyme that does the breaking is called creates. At the end of the day, a very long carbohydrate molecule is broken down into individual sugars. Typically either glucose or fructose. Hosted sugars are then absorbed.

They move from your small intestine to your liver, they move fire blood vessel, which is known as they hepatic portal vein. They do move very quickly arriving in the liver. Now, the liver has to deal with the sugars, Petra member it is the chief cook and bottle washer. So it's not something the liver can't handle. But it is still a little bit stressful and simple sugar that has arrived in any given moment, the most stressful the whole thing becomes. As the sugars arrive, the device needs to process and package them if the sugar arrives in huge amounts, which is typically what happens with You eat a carbohydrate rich meal or drink a Coca Cola.

This can be very overwhelming for the liver. In fact, he has a bit of a panic attack, because it feels as if it is under attack. But the receptors in the pancreas are able to reach us to this distress and the pancreas comes to the rescue of the liver by pushing up large quantities of insulin. Insulin is a rather pissy hormone. It's able to arrange for the glucose gates in all the power hungry cells to open supplying them with the sugar they need. So wick is a flat, the excess sugar has been mocked up and the sugar level returns to normal culliver can now relax when small and life rich turns to normal.

Well Hang on a minute. Sometimes, the reaction to the sugar in sapping and over reaction. In the moment of panic, the liver screamed so loudly that the pancreas turns out more insulin than is actually needed. The insulin efficiently mops up the sugar. The trouble is, it's a bit too efficient. So the sugar levels and being too low and low sugar levels precipitate a crisis deep inside the UK and the brain, triggering the hunger neurons which commands you to eat something now and the base something is full of carbohydrates, which causes insulin to be released.

Packs This sugar levels drop. And so it continues. Welcome to bad body chemistry. I hinted insulin was rather bossy. Over time, the cells gets sick and tired of constantly yelling and nagging. So they find a way to deal with it.

Hey, stop listening. I'm sure you remember this happening. Your mom would tell you pick up your girls do this do that. You just tune out. So when she admonished you for not listening, you were able to shrug your shoulders and say, Well, I didn't hear you. And you didn't.

You had tuned her out. When this tuning happens in the body, you're said to be Insulin resistance. Now, not all cells will develop insulin resistance because many of them don't actually have glucose gates. The glucose gates are mainly found on power hungry cells, like your muscle, liver and fat cells. So what happens now? The insulin arrives at the gate, but the gate doesn't open because the gate doesn't open.

The sugar levels don't drop. So the pancreas tries a little harder, pushing out more and more insulin, the more insulin eventually does get a response. But the sugar levels drop too much. Leaving you hungry, tired, Moody, aggressive and huh. craving sugar. You're Sugar Gremlin is pushing all of your buttons.

The more insulin there is, the more carbs you want. And too much insulin is what precipitates a host of health problems, collectively known as metabolic syndrome. metabolic syndrome includes high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, high sugar levels and high weight specifically around the bay. To actually qualify for a diagnosis of metabolic syndrome usually have to be able to take off at least three of them, which is actually not very difficult because insulin resistance, coupled with chronic inflammation underpins the bed body chemistry At the root of all these metabolic travels, it's probably worth pointing out, you don't actually have to be overweight to have metabolic syndrome, something which sometimes is not appreciated by the skinny. And being overweight does not automatically mean you have metabolic syndrome either. But the odds are pretty high and they get higher with each passing year that you are heavier than you should be.

So fixing your sugar Gremlin problem is a good idea. To do this, you need to rein in insulin. The next lesson, we'll explore just how you can go about reining in the insulin.

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