Topping up on liquid

6 minutes
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Hi, this is Dr. Sandy helping you tame your sugar Gremlin. In this lesson, the liquidated lesson, we'll find out what drinks your sugar Gremlin prefers. Remember those stretch receptors. If you can fill up your stomach to the point that you feel like you're about to pop, your brain will get a message stop eating. Of course, you can reach popping point on chocolate cake, but that will create some seriously bad body chemistry and supercharge your Gremlin. Another way to pop is to load up on fiber broccoli for the brave mushrooms for the gourmet.

But a similar effect can be achieved by liquidating. I've already waxed lyrical about the benefits of coffee. But a double espresso is too little to fill up your tummy. So caffeine is not filling you up so much is winding you up. But anytime you can chug down volumes of liquid filling up fichte kicks in. The best thing to fall up on is water.

Now don't make the mistake of filling up with the water after the meal. By this time the ship has sailed. Only really affected will have as to require the acid pumps to work a tiny bit harder to bring the pH of your stomach low enough to digest your meal. You must down the jug of water before you get started and then start eating. Don't dilly dally or the water will slip into your small intestine and the water effect will be gone. Water anyway.

To feel full for about five minutes, there will be a short window of time with a food water combination will cook those structure sectors. And when the stretch receptors trigger, the brain doesn't wait for a second opinion. Even if it's something fishy, that I am full message will be dispatched. It's pure trickery. every weapon in the candy floss system is 100% ethical. Now drinking water until it comes out of your ears is not something you'll want to do too often.

But if you're facing a sugar Gremlin moment, and you feel all resistance crumbling, smile sweetie. And ask your host for a big glass of water. Then plug it down quick. Once this is being accomplished, stocked on the cheek. Don't get fancy and order something else to drink. Physical drinks and fruit juices are not calorie neutral.

In fact, what sugar gremlins are hoping you will drink they're full of sugar. If drowning your sugar grandon track loads of water sounds appealing, depending on where in the world you live. This water tactic might just boil down to filling a big jug with water from the tap and plugging it down. But if you're accustomed to bottled water, then you face an interesting dilemma. Still. Okay.

Believe it or not, someone did a study asking this precise question and reach the conclusion. fizzy was better. It makes sense. Don't sing water bubbles. I'm alive. to rock and roll against the stomach wall, and this is what's needed to trigger those stretch receptors.

So if you prefer to visit app, go for it. But you do want to drink what the lions and elephants drink water. Now just in case you're thinking elephants and things indulge in sugar laden soda, they don't know bar tree rats sometimes do and they suffer the consequences. It's just say he's are not health drinks, depending on the brand. average class of cola has seven teaspoons of sugar, seven teaspoons of sugar. You don't need me to tell you this is a recipe for bad body chemistry.

A can of Coke is like waving a red flag in front of your sugar Gremlin. actually physically Have another red flag there full of salt. Have you ever wondered why it is necessary to put seven spoons of sugar into a physical drink? I mean, a cup of tea with seven teaspoons of sugar would taste like syrup. The reason for all that sugar is that manufacturers have added to kill the salt taste. So, why is this so much salt?

Well, the more salt causes you to be more thirsty. This is also biology. So an assault means you're going to get thirsty quicker. And when you get thirsty, what are you going to reach for another ice cold soda getting Money in the Bank. These guys are in business to make money. So elephants don't drink man made sugar laden beverages, but they do drink the juice of the Marula fruit.

Well, that is how the legend goes. Join me for the next lesson as we liquidate our first freshly squeezed class of fruit trees.

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