The sugar need

Tame your Sugar Gremlin C - Cutting the carbs
8 minutes
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Hi, this is Dr. Sandy, helping you tame your sugar Gremlin with the candy floss system. Today, we're tackling the C in candy floss. It's all about cutting the costs. Now, every time you take a bite, it's potentially a little bit stressful on your body. But the level of stress is dependent on exactly what's in the bite, as well as how many bites you're taking. So, what is inside a bite?

Well, bytes consists of both macro and micronutrients. macronutrients are the big stuff, that's proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. micronutrients are all the important vitamins and minerals and things. They're found in trace amounts in your foods, which is why we call Call them micro, micro means small. In today's topic, we're going to focus on the macro nutrients, specifically, the macronutrients your body uses, as its fuel sources, that is carbohydrates, and facts. Now, if you were to pull up and a fuel station to get your car filled up with petrol or gas, you would have a choice of filling up with different grades of fuel.

The body also has a choice. Carbohydrates or sugars and starches are the low octane version. While fence is a high octane version. Carbohydrates have four calories per gram while fats have nine calories per gram. So if you were to measure out 10 grams of sugar and 10 grams of button, they would both weight exactly the same, but if you incinerated them Outside of the body and measured how much energy was released, the sugar would release about 40 calories and the fat would release around 90 calories. Hmm.

So burning effect would produce twice the amount of energy that burning the same amount of carbohydrates wood. So now you know why the health gurus suggest you cut back on the fat gram for gram, you're getting double the amount of calories and too many calories in ultimately means you get fat. It's not quite as simple. When you get inside of the body. It turns out there are areas of the brain which need to have carbohydrates as a fuel source. So as a consequence of that your brain needs a steady supply of sugar.

Your liver will He's your body's chief cook and bottle washer is tasked with supplying the brain with the fuel it needs. This is the livers number one priority because while the brain is the boss once the brain has been taken care of the liver turns its attention to supplying the rest of the cells in the body with fuel. Finally, in addition to making sure every cell in the body is fueled up, the level also ensures the nutritional needs of the body cells are made by both manufacturing, processing and packaging a host of other chemicals such as cholesterol and vitamin D 12. Because the main job of the liver is to keep the brain supplied with fuel, the liver is always making sure that there is enough sugar available. Most of the time it just simply processes the sugars that have arrived via the gas it cannot Also reach into the cookie jar and convert the stored glycogen into sugar.

If there is a real shortage, it will do a little chemical wizardry and convert protein into sugar. First Choice is the protein that you've just eaten. If there's none available because you're on a starvation diet or something, it will turn to the protein in your muscles. It cannot turn into sugar. Now, historically, our ancestors were more likely to face periods of famine. Since sugar shortages in the brain could be fatal, the body had to have a plan to deal with sugar shortages brought on by food shortages.

First off, the sugar levels are closely monitored and disciplined If sugar is tightly regulated, to ensure the brain always has enough sugar, even in times of famine, to make sure that the brain will always get dibs on the sugar that was available, glucose gates were installed on the other power hungry cells in the body. Now, power hungry cells include muscle cells and liver cells also known as hepatocytes, as well as the body's storage cabinet, your fat cells or adipocyte, the gates are permanently closed. This means that when there is a shortage of sugar, the brain gets it. All these other cells did absolutely nothing. Only when there is extra sugar, do the gates swing open, it's in times of plenty. The other power hungry cells are then able to use the fuel but in famine The brain gets the sugar.

It makes sense. The stopping muscle can refuse to push or pull. If the brain can't work, it's tickets for everything. But there's more to the story. low sugar problems posed a crisis for the brain. Very high sugar levels are also a B problem.

Sugar is in heroin, sticky and quite corrosive. As the levels rise, the sugar molecules tend to stick in places they're not supposed to. This is particularly a problem inside blood vessels, because it can cause damage to the body also has a system in place to make sure the sugar levels inside of the blood vessels are never too high. So when you To drink something with lots of sugar. This is picked up by special sensors. Located in the pancreas, these sensors cause the pancreas to release insulin.

Now the amount of insulin released is proportional to the sugar level and it's designed to bring the sugar levels back to normal. Normal is considered between four and eight millimolar. This process works perfectly if nothing is wrong with the specialized beta cells in the pancreas. In diabetics, these cells are either missing in action that would be a type one diabetic or defective in a type two diabetic. The insulin then close to those glucose gates, located on all the power hungry cells in the body. It taps into the luck turns key opening the gates allows The sugar to rush inside.

This means the power hungry cells get all the sugar they need to keep going. And at the same time, the sugar is cleared from the blood so it can no longer cause damaged blood vessels. In times of plenty, the liver can take a break from producing sugar, it no longer necessary for the liver to slave away in the kitchen, worrying about feeding the boss. This gives the liver an opportunity to catch up on the thousand other jobs it's responsible for that if you have a sugar gram then it upsets this body chemistry. The sugar gram then creates an A parent shortage of sugar. Join me for the next lesson.

We will look at just how sugar gremlins cause this deception

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