I'll have a piece of cheese with my popcorn

Tame your Sugar Gremlin A - Add protein, fat and fiber
5 minutes
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Hi, it's stuck to Sandy here, revealing the weapons you can use to tame your sugar Gremlin. In the last section, we spent a great deal of time talking about how you can handle first punch by cutting the carbs. But you do need to follow this app with a knockout blow. The follow through punch comes by adding protein, fat, and fiber. If you remember, call breakdown begins as soon as the food lands in your mouth. Since saliva contains the amylase enzyme, amylase is what breaks down starchy things to sugars.

If you don't believe me, chew the card on a piece of bread or a cracker. When you first bite it, it really won't taste sweet at all. But if you keep chewing and chewing and chewing when you do a taste test On the mush, it will actually taste sweet. No, it isn't gonna taste like a lollipop. Because amylase doesn't work like drain cleaner. It works slowly.

In fact, if you remember the process continues, once the food lands in your stomach, amylase keeps chopping up the big long carbohydrate molecules that are making up the starchy food into smaller and smaller bits which can slip into the intestine. Once in the intestine, a little bit more chopping happens so that the individual sugar molecules can make their way out of the intestine and up to the liver. Since the cards that are Gremlin munchies are fast cups. They arrive in the liver quickly and in mess. He doesn't take too much to get deliver all Have a round. Back.

Remember the liver gets help from the pancreas, which whips up a batch of insulin in proportion to the amount of sugar that has arrived. The insulin then sweeps up the excess sugar by opening the glucose gates on the power hungry cells, leaving a pretty happy liver. Well, on paper, it should all be hunky dory. But if you remember, insulin turned out to be rather a bully, and many cells just simply stopped listening to him, leading to insulin resistance and the case of bad body chemistry aka Gremlin mainsheet, which is why we were cutting the cops but cutting the carbs Can you if you seriously hungry Next year in place the cops with something else. Adding a little protein to the cop bike changes the game. The presence of the protein triggers the stomach's sprinkling system, sprinklers turn on pout acid.

Not sure if you've ever had the unpleasant experience of being splashed with acid. It burns be time for the amylase enzyme which made the trip down into the stomach. The environment quickly turns nasty and they take cover. The acid bath feels pretty good to the stomach inside. These guys come out to play and begin breaking up the protein into smaller bits takes a while but eventually the big chunks of protein are small enough to slipped through into the small intestine, and here, the bits are broken down further and then begin the journey to the liver. Back in the stomach, the acid sprinkling system switches off once all the protein has been cleared and analyze cannot finish the job breaking down the cops.

So, all the bits of that tuna sandwich you had for lunch head for the lover. The key word here is they go slowly, slow enough to avoid liver overwhelm. And the results in insulin push followed by that sugar die. So if you're tucking into a box of popcorn, which is a cop, and you want to avoid the Gremlin roller coaster and hunk of cheese, which is a protein. Okay, okay, cheese is not just protein. It's also fat.

This is most of the enemy right? Huh? Yep is the enemy of your sugar Gremlin. match your heart or your hips? Join me in the next lesson as we found out why a little bit of effect upsets your Gremlin.

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