Nap all night

Tame your Sugar Gremlin N - Nap all night
8 minutes
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Hi, it's Dr. Sandy here. In this session, we're going to learn why locking those doors and windows and hiding under the covers at night leaves your sugar Gremlin out in the cold. Sleep deprivation is a way of life in the modern era. For some, the trouble arises because they're too busy to bother getting into bed. For others, they do climb into bed at a decent hour, but then night fillet doesn't get round to doing the curtains and putting a little mint on their pillow. So they pass and turn in bed for the prescribed eight hours.

And for some, the outside environment intrudes. So, even though they're going through the motions, they fail to get a good night's sleep. When the lights are down, and the neighborhood is quiet, sugar gremlins come out to play. So if you don't get a good night's sleep you will be playing with your sugar Gremlin the next day since Gremlins love the dark, it affords them lots of opportunities to get up to mischief. Let's sleep deprived night leaves you with a net battery and your sugar Gremlin supercharged and raring to go. The problem with a sleep deprived night it ramps up that bad body chemistry because tired cells Yes, so good.

Insulin sensitivity decreases probably Because they haven't got the energy to respond to the insulin bully, but your cells is all not the only part of your anatomy, which malfunctions after a hard night. tired eyes don't seem to see too clearly either. Actually the trouble has little to do with the rates to me eyes that often accompany is sleep deprived night. It's a problem with self control. Just couldn't be bothered to act all civilized and responsible. even noticed how you put your foot in it when you're tired.

It's not that you don't have any self control when you're tied, just run out a lot quicker to help explain This imagine a tired dog. Okay. sleep deprived is not a word that comes to mind when you're thinking of canines. But tiny dogs are a good way to understand what happens when you don't get your 14 weeks. So what makes a dog tired? Having to act nice if you take a dog and make it sit still for 10 minutes, that is, it's not allowed to jump up and slobber anyone just sit and stay.

Oh and no nodding off either. Real dogs facing this challenge, get tired of behaving. In short, they run out of self control. So when you put them in a situation they could do with a bit of self control like being in the presence of a way bigger, very angry. barking Smalling caged up dog instead of taking one look at the barking psychopath and turning tail. dogs that have used up this self control quotient.

Head straight for the beast to say hello. Yes, hello is the socially acceptable thing to do, but it's dangerous. Hello Is there anybody home Don't laugh. You've done this to tolerated dating little man smiling graciously because he is responsible for paying your salary And then something happens, you reach the end of the line and snap. Okay, maybe you're not brave enough to tell him a few truths. So you eat an entire chocolate instead.

So what does this have to do with napping all night. Best way to fill up the self control tank is to sleep on it. The exact mechanism behind the deal is still unclear. But you start off the day with a full tank, assuming you've gotten the next shot. And then it is downhill from there. For some of us, we run out before we even leave the house.

For the rest of us. It dribbles out throughout the day. So the more self control you've got stashed away, the less likely you are to find yourself doing dangerous things like giving in to your sugar Gremlin. Now you can exercise restraint. But it takes effort frequently requires lots of psychology. You arrive home from a very long and stressful day.

You need some dinner, the travel. Cooking is hard work. It's way easier to shoot your Gremlin. And most ready to eat things really are Gremlin munchies because they're high in carbs and low in protein. So you get it climbing into bed for your six to eight hour stint keeps the sugar Gremlin locked out. But what if you're in bed but you're not actually sleeping.

The bad news is being in bed is not enough. You have to be sleeping to avoid your sugar Gremlin. Now this course is about taming your sugar Gremlin. Not taming insomnia. But since many sugar gremlins have alliance with common dream stealers, I want to take the next two lessons to tackle two very common dream stealers which could be working in cahoots with your sugar grandma. Join me in the next lesson.

As we tackle dream stealer number one. It's ubiquitous and something you can't learn Without

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