Your sugar gremlin busting weapons

Tame your Sugar Gremlin Introduction to the CANDY FLOSS system
8 minutes
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Hi, this is Dr. Sandy helping you tame your sugar Gremlin with the candy floss system. I need to warn you, you will not be able to obliterate your sugar Gremlin. It's part of your biology. But you can definitely tame your sugar Gremlin. If you know how. In this course, I'm going to give you the resources the know how, which will allow you to do this.

It's easier than you think. I know some of the ideas I share in this course might be a little unconventional petrest me, they've all been scientifically documented. Sugar Gremlin fighting tools. There are 10 weapons in total. I've packaged them in individual sections for easy reference. You can pick and choose Which weapon you want to deploy.

The more weapons you use, the more power you have. And as you deploy them, you're increasingly plus out your sugar Gremlin, turning it into a minor irritation, rather than the disruptive force your current living with. Before we dive into the details of each individual weapon, I want to give you an overview of each weapon, but that way you will be able to come out guns blazing in no time with a quick plus here or quick plus they have the right weapon for your situation. Each section of the course will explore a different weapon in detail, which you've used strategically will weaken your sugar gremlins power. Each lesson will cover the science behind the tool. So you understand the why, when and how to use it against your sugar.

Kremlin Feel free to hop around the course trying out the weapon weapons that catch your fancy. You want to get a few quick ones to boost your confidence and help you get your sugar grim and taking off, hiding for Kappa. Are you ready to discover your sugar Gremlin taming weapons? See, is about seeing the cops. This is probably the most powerful weapon in the arsenal because too many carbs create oxidative stress which kick starts the bad body chemistry cycle and it's this defective cycle like used to desperately feeding yourself a sugar snack to stave off the sugar craving, which only provides you with some home interest by before you're reaching for another sugar stack to stave off yet another sugar craving Hey, is about adding in protein, fat, and fiber. If you're cutting the carbs, you've got to replace them with something or you will still piece starving.

Strategically plugging the hole with foods that make you feel full is the most effective strategy to fight off those am hangry cries in is about napping all night. When the lights go down and the neighborhood is quiet. sugar gremlins come out to play, you need to lock those doors and windows and hide under the covers. Sometimes the easiest way to win a fight is to avoid contact. D is about dining more craving sugar. They too busy getting up to mischief to sit down for a good dinner.

A powerful way to silence or sugar Gremlin is to invite it to a big, fancy dinner. Why is about yanking and yodeling sugar gremlins are actually gym bunnies. They love to get brushing and forming so that you can justify that chocolate back Flurry. If you can't manage to yodel, whilst you're yanking those muscles, you're working up a sweat to feed your sugar green. Your brain has its own fun theme park. Full of exhilarating fun, right taking one of these rides makes you feel fabulous.

Sugar addicts routinely use a dollop of sugar to buy tickets. But sugar is not the only way to get into the magical kingdom. There are other ways to buy tickets you want to follow up on non edible, feel good. Owl is about liquidating. What does is sugar Gremlin order to drink? Your show the Gremlin.

Definitely get a buzz from anything in a cat. It's likely to be leery when you're ordering coffee or a margarita. Oh, is about observing your emotional triggers no tissue Gremlins are exactly alike summer permanently bored and tired. Others are nervous wreck. Most sugar gremlins are creatures of habit. Understanding your sugar Gremlin subtle idiosyncrasies will help you put your foot down when it Christ at S is for sizzle, then sugar cream mints live in the fast lane, but they can't take the heat, so you can knock the wind right out of them by heating things up and then taking it slow, and the final S is sinking the saboteurs.

If you think the world is out to get to your right, your sugar Gremlin has formed alliances. Many of the people you know love and trust, you need to be on your guard for these malicious saboteurs which can easily sync your efforts to tame your sugar Gremlin. forewarned, is forearmed. Are you ready to take down your sugar Gremlin? You need to get a shot of winning this power much willpower. We'll never take the weapons out of the box.

Join me in the next lesson as we confront your sugar Gremlin. face to face. It might be a little scary and feel like hard work. Cuz the harder you work now, the better you'll be at deploying those weapons. So you end up being the one calling the shots. Get ready by getting excited.

And that's it. Aim by being willing to change and grow fire by taking the right action. See you in the next lesson.

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