Taking on your sugar gremlin

Tame your Sugar Gremlin Introduction to the CANDY FLOSS system
2 minutes
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This first lecture will get you psyched to take on and defeat your sugar gremlin


Hi, this is Dr. Sandy helping you tame your sugar Gremlin. With the candy floss system. I want to kick off with a little introspection rather than worrying about the house. Let's take a few moments to look at the why. If you woke up tomorrow morning, and magically found that you had indeed changed your sugar Gremlin, what would your life be like? Would you feel more powerful in control?

In principle? Would you enjoy better health? Maybe you'd be in a better have more energy look fabulous. Would you save a little money? paying all those munchies does add up? Would you be setting a good example.

It's hard to tell your kids know when you're doing it too. So what's stopping You genes will power your mother in law. I'm sure none of these things help. But the real reason you've not been able to get your sugar Gremlin under control is because you're trying to do it using psychology. But sugar gremlins are real. They're both into your biology.

They part of an intricate machine which keeps your body fueled up from feast or famine. But as with all Gremlins, whose antics are responsible for machine meltdowns, sugar gremlins upsetting the control room with the mysterious antics, your willpower to step in and order your hunger and satiety neurons around. But once your willpower back is turned, chaos will ensue to tame your sugar Gremlin. You need lots of biology and a little psychology to you can only Meeting sugar grandma by creating better body chemistry. So what determines your body chemistry? Well, in a nutshell, everything you do, what you eat when, where and with who, who you yell at who yells at you how the music is playing and what the voices in your head are, say, many of your habits end up empowering your sugar Gremlin.

In the candy system, you'll learn which habits are hurting you so you can take up arms against your sugar grant. Join me in the next lecture, as I introduce you to 10 weapons you can use against your sugar Grantland.

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