Roast your sugar gremlin

Tame your Sugar Gremlin S - Sizzle then slow dance
9 minutes
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Hi, this is Dr. Sandy helping you tame your sugar Gremlin using the candy floss system. In this section, we'll be making things too hot for your sugar Gremlin to handle. we're accustomed to thinking about calories as energy. But Mother Nature isn't super efficient at burning calories. So just like the car gets hot when the engine runs and the TV gets hot while being in your favorite TV program, burning things in the body involves generating heat. This is why a vigorous workout can leave you flashed the flesh is your body's way of bringing the temperature down.

The temperature has risen as a result of the fact that exercising muscles all fired up, burn through more calories than the century counterparts creating additional heat The red as a tomato look is a result of your body moving that heat to the surface where it comes in touch with the cool a, the heat is then transferred, and you end up a little cooler. And whatever is surrounding your body is a little hot. This is why you don't want to sit on a very recently vacated chair. It's hot. Now, you can exploit this biology if you want to keep exercising for longer. A neat little trick you can use is to cool off by keeping something cold close at hand.

Now being hot enough is very important. The human body is set to run at around 37 degrees. A significant drop below this gnome. Well thank you Just say it's a stiffening experience. So the body has this sophisticated system to ensure that the body temperature is always nice and toasty the guys in the Oq are part of the system. In fact, one of the variables that is monitored by the hunger and appetite suppression neuron is body temperature.

The reason these little guys are part of the team is because burning calories is how the body gets warm. And if you're going to burn calories, well you need to have extra calories at your disposal. So when you find yourself freezing your tush off the sparks a little action in the arc and then you end up being ravenous as you blaze your way through calories on the way to being warm and Post. This is not a willpower problem. It's biology. Now, on paper at least everything should be perfectly balanced.

That is you eat what you need to get home on paper, but you have us make a habit of freezing our tissues off during winter, which is why it is easy to emerge from the winter season with several extra layers of padding, or not obeying the biology. Since biologically speaking, sugar gremlins like the cold, a somewhat unconventional approach to taming your sugar Gremlin is to turn at a heat and roast that little sucker Because as cold triggers the eat button, the reverse applies to hot triggers the appetite suppression button. Think of times when you've been hot and bothered, maybe when you were running a temperature fever, all you've just finished about a vigorous exercise, you don't want to eat nothing. Now, just to be clear, being excessively hot is a biological emergency. Hot brains can't think clearly or function properly. So although we want to toast the sugar Gremlin, the goal here is not to toast the brain.

So are there ways to toast your sugar Gremlin without causing serious harm? Well, Funny you should ask. There are two questions 50 ways of knocking your appetite for a loop. But you do need to be cautious. The first is to physically warm yourself up. The most natural way to heat yourself up is to spend some quality time outdoors in the sun.

An added benefit of this strategy is your Creator little vitamin D. lower your cholesterol levels attend and feel a whole lot happier. Of course, you do need to watch that you don't turn yourself into a crisp, this strategy will not work well. If you have the option to cool down with an ice cold sugar laden beverage or ice cream. Your sugar Gremlin will skillfully argue that indulging in something cold is the best way to cool things down and your sugar Gremlin is not completely wrong. Something cool, that's cool things down momentarily. By the time the appetite neuron realizes it's been duped, the cold something will have created.

Bad body chemistry. Daniel sugar Gremlin will be calling the shots. If the thought of out door living freaks you out, dipped back static noise. Try and refrain from turning the air conditioner on. I see temperatures will keep your sugar Grandin fresh, and on the prowl for sugar munchies as it strives to warm you up, not the sun is not always around. So another way to turn up the heat is to spend a little time sweating it out in the sauna, your sugar Gremlin.

We'll run out in Terra again. Remember to drink plenty of water. And don't overdo it sizzling your sugar Gremlin in a sauna is probably only something that tough and determined would consider at this seriously brave might want to forego using physical heat and try a little chemical fire as a weapon against their sugar Gremlin. You can seriously heat things up by spicing up your dinner with a little paper power. The hot and spicy zoom is courtesy of thermogenic chemistry created by a group of chemicals booked up by the paper family of plants, collectively known as the capsule toys. The capsule toys hone in on the tongue receptor, winding it up so they end up unleashing a flood of calcium ions, which translates into by this serves to raise your body temperature up a notch or two.

Enough to put the little guys in the arc and your sugar gremlins in the hot seat and severely curtail or mentions a mouthful of chili peppers puts a stop to the desire for sweet foods and fatty foods and salty foods. Ernie seasoned veterans can continue to shovel truckloads of food. Most people have to slow down. So a spicy entree is one way to toast your sugar Gremlin. Just for the record, the capsule always managed to heat things up inside the body, not just on the tongue. The burn extends off way down.

And I do mean all the way down to the very end of the GI tract. So proceed with caution. Now heating things up, we'll put the brakes on your sugar gremlins activities, but you need to slow things down to avoid creating and in furlough. Join me in the next lesson as we uncover the dangers of too much sizzle. sugar gremlins get jazzed by the sizzle inherent in a stressful lifestyle.

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