Sugar gremlin juice

6 minutes
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Hi, this is Dr. Sandy exploring which drinks you should or shouldn't be serving your sugar Gremlin in the liquidates section. Time for a scary fact. A glass of apple juice typically has more calories than a glass of coke. And most juices are not 100% fruit, they invariably got added sugar. I wish actually, fruit juice is a card your sugar Gremlin likes to play. The trouble is hits a joker card and the joke is on you.

Health gurus have a habit of pointing out the value of fruits and vegetables, encouraging us to regularly consume these nutrient loaded foods but when you use it, you lose the final That and the fiber is necessary to get the I am full message popping through. So you can eat an apple maybe too. But as you shovel those last bite into your mouth of Apple number two, the I am full message will put an end to the Apple fest. But a glass of apple juice you could easily do and if it's hot outside another glass would go down nicely. Good to mess with me. Drinking that glass of apple juice means you've eaten not one, not two, but five apples.

And if you went for a second glass, just to quench your thirst, that's 10 apples. Not 10 apples in five minutes. Ding ding ding It's obviously not good for you. But you did get a hefty dose of vitamin C and other goodies. But you also got a hefty dose of sugar to see why your Gremlin likes to play this card. But there's a little bit more to the sugar story.

There is sugar, and there is sugar. All times are not hugely sophisticated. If it tastes sweet, it's sugar. But chemically speaking suite can come from a number of different packages and Mother Nature has two chemicals she likes to use as sugar, glucose and fructose. Mother Nature uses them interchangeably. So if you peer into the bowl of sugar, you would find it is made up of one glucose molecules.

Fuse to one fructose molecule in a 5050 split. When it comes to fruit, there's a lot more variety as a rule for its have more fructose and glucose, which explains why fructose is commonly referred to as fruit sugar. After bees get through processing good use of plants, the honey they create has more glucose than fructose. And once we humans have processed the sugar inside maize into sugar, the corn sugar has a little more fructose than glucose. Now you know why they call it high fructose corn syrup. It's actually not that high, just a teeny bit higher than the good old fashioned sugar.

The real high fructose package is found in fruit juice. And some diet products. Now anytime sugar arrives in a big hurry, the liver gets a little nervous. But before the liver is completely overwhelmed, insulin comes rushing to the scene to squirrel away the excess sugar. But this is what happens when the sugar is glucose. When sugar is fructose, things don't run quite according to script.

Because insulin doesn't recognize fructose. In fact, insulin is not the only member of the team that gets a little confused. The neurons manning the control panel in the arc headquarters also don't appear to respond terribly while to fructose efficiently There's lots of energy available. So the appetite suppression your ons should be firing of the I am full message based on your sugar status. But the Why is get a little crust in the confusion. And instead of sitting pretty, the appetite neuron interprets the situation to be one of an impending energy crisis and actually makes you hungry.

This leaves you with some seriously disrupted body chemistry. What about fruit? The fiber in the package should prevent your sugar Gremlin from having a field day. But you're not designed to be a fruitarian so stuff fruit is seasonal. The only gorillas eating fruit every day. Are those in zoos and they're getting fat.

In fact, zookeepers increasing a putting their charges on a low fruit diet to stop gorillas from suffering from the lifestyle diseases common to men, patchy bellies and cardiovascular disease. That's about alcohol. Join me in the next lesson, as we continue to discover what sugar gremlins like to drink.

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