Yank and Yodel

Tame your Sugar Gremlin Y - Yank and Yodel
8 minutes
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Hi, this is Dr. Sandy teaching you how to tame your sugar gremlins through the candy plus system. In this session, we're going to tackle the somewhat complicated weapon, yank, and yodo. This weapon is all about moving, but exercise is it to agents sold when it comes to sugar gremlins. First off when it comes to health, it's way more important to be fit than thin. You must do it. But don't overdo it.

As I hinted earlier, it's a tricky weapon to deploy because yanking those muscles can tire out your sugar Gremlin. But if you yank so hard that you can't you do a little your sugar Gremlin could rise up and take revenge. Sometimes the revenge is biological pet a good deal of the time. The Revenge is driven by psychology. Your Gremlin is quick to point out that you deserve that double fudge sundae. x exercised for it.

Let's begin. With a universal truth. Too much couch living can create sugar Gremlin problems, simply because it promotes that bad body chemistry, which underpins the sugar cravings. Exercise changes that chemistry. So, the round of golf on a Wednesday afternoon does more than de stress you hit stresses your sugar Gremlin, decreasing the chances it routinely pays you a visit. But exercise the actual deed tends to create an energy crisis and sugar gremlins exist to manage these sugar Gremlin is hardwired into your brain to avert any energy crisis that arises.

In order for your muscles to move, they need ATP. Remember, ATP is cell money. When you've got lots of it, you can do what you please. Now, there are two ways of getting this ATP. You can burn sugar, or you can burn fat. Remember, sugar doesn't really have anything like a power effect.

It's considered to be a low octane fuel. But burn burning sugar is a little easier to do. Essentially If the oxygen supplies tight, which let's face it, if you're modest, but as you would like, is more often than not the case. So carbs are what gets burned when you first start the workout. The first sugar burn is what is currently floating about in your circulation, which is not very much because if you remember, your body's working very hard to keep sugar levels low enough not to cause any trouble. So this sugar is used up quick as a flash.

Next, your body reaches for it sugar reserves. Now we haven't mentioned these up until now, these reserves are mainly found inside your muscles and liver. They are in the form of glycogen burning these is a can is control By the hormone glucagon. Now the fitter you are, the bigger the reserve tends to be because your muscles get into the habit of stocking up, since they like to be ready when you yank like crazy as the glycogen levels for your body resorts to mobilizing fat and for the unfit and metabolically challenged when the sugar runs out, this ends the workout, his condition can be described as hitting the wall. Want to hear something really depressing. If you drink a glass of coke, then the treadmill you have to exercise for approximately 15 minutes to use up the coke and Begin on the fat away Fe.

So we does, the sugar Gremlin fits into the picture. Well, let's have you running for the bass. It really doesn't matter which way you look at it. This is a stressful moment. Of course, if you miss the past your life could get even more stressful. Stress of any good or bad causes your body to respond.

If it's short term stress that is momentarily like running for the bass. The guy who comes flooding onto the scene is no epinephrine or adrenaline. Remember the big woolly mammoth dude from the nap or might lessen the norepinephrine, get things pumping, your heart rate swings up, as does your breathing right to ensure your muscles are well supplied with oxygen. Your liver does a big sugar die. As far as it can to supply the fuel, and while you stop digesting lunch, no point in worrying about digesting your own lunch, if you're about to be someone else's lunch, and well, you're in too much of a state to think about food. The vigorous workout has switched off your appetite neurons.

So immediately after your workout, you're really not in the mood for food. Your sugar Gremlin has quite literally passed out but the appetite suppression doesn't last terribly long. As the chemistry returns to normal, the magnitude of the energy crisis becomes obvious, and the hunger neurons trigger. The aim of the game is to restock the used app sugar supply. This actually takes hours cut the sugar has to come from some way no in principle, the energy could come from From all the fat you've got tucked away in your fat cells for a rainy day, but that would be hard work and most buddies opt for the easier option thicker mons you to feed them sugar, so like a phoenix rising your sugar gremlins surfaces. Now it's not all bad, but sometimes your sugar Gremlin can get carried away suggesting a hot fudge sundae because you most deserve it.

Hence you do. In fact, if you're going to pig out on cards, this is the time you want to do it. Just be sensitive to the I am full message and don't overdo it both exercise and hot fudge sundaes can be used to buy tickets to your magic kingdom have been added to Like the nucleus accumbens, impact one of those places you really must visit. But you don't have to bring your sugar Gremlin along for the ride. Join me in the next session as I take you on a tour of the funfair and show you way and how to get tickets for all those fabulous right

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