Fraternizing with fat cells

Tame your Sugar Gremlin S - Sink the saboteurs
7 minutes
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Hi, this is Dr. Sandy helping you tame your sugar Gremlin using the candy floss system. In this section, I want to introduce you to some of your sugar gremlins, friends and associates, you need to be on your God, because these friends can sync your efforts to tame your sugar Gremlin. Your sugar Gremlin is really not inherently a bad guy. He's there to protect your brain from experiencing a potentially devastating energy crisis. To do this efficiently requires your sugar Gremlin to form strategic alliances. All sugar gremlins have these relationships.

But every now and again, these relationships can become problematic. The problem they empower your sugar Gremlin Making it especially feisty and difficult to control. If you are struggling to get the candy floss system to work for you, your sugar Gremlin may have formed an alliance, which is causing trouble with a capital T. spotting the problem is the first step to dealing with it. But dealing with it may take some fancy footwork and outside interventions. Think back to your school days and problem friendships. Sometimes, a scolding from the teacher was enough to fix the problem.

Sometimes, a little time apart, did the trick. Unfortunately, many times this was not enough. And the fix required a trip to the principal's office and disciplinary procedures. Even military school so its meet some of your sugar gremlins friends. We've spent a lot of time in the arc. Our focus has always been on sugar levels.

The reason sugar levels are important for the moment by moment functioning of the body and absolutely critical for the brain. But you know the liver is a master chef. Most of the time, it can whip up a batch of sugar from other ingredients protein, cholesterol, if sugars all low, once the brain has been taken care of the liver keeps everyone else happy by supplying them with ketones and creating ketones requires fat so fat levels Important. Interestingly enough, the body's actually way more worried about having too little fat rather than too much fat. Most of us have enough, maybe even more than enough. But how do the guys in the arc know?

They don't have a mirror. Your fat cells tell them that cells can produce a whole bunch of chemicals. And Mandan is a hormone known as leptin. leptin is tasked with keeping the guys in the arc in the loop concerning fat status. The more fat cells you've got, the more leptin is around. But the leptin has to get inside the brain and chemically speaking, the brain is A fortress, only selected molecules can squeeze their way across the blood brain barrier.

Leptin is too big, it needs help getting across. The help comes in the form of a special transporter which helps Lipton leap over the blood brain barrier. But this transporter gets a little confused over full fat cells throwing a temper tantrum, sound a lot like fat cells that are crying because they are empty. It decides to close up shop, leaving Lipton stranded on the wrong side of the fence. This creates a situation where the person is leptin resistant. So, what happens is body fat levels rise, but the poor old appetite suppression neuron doesn't get the message.

So although there is plenty of fat, the appetite suppression neuron doesn't trigger and you just keep eating. This really is an unholy alliance. And it's the reason why many people have sin years and fat is followed by seven years and fat years. Candy flossing will help because it helps to correct the underlying bad body chemistry. But you need to stop those fat cells crying, stopping fat cells from crying requires additional strategies. First prize is to empty them out of the excess fat.

I know, I know. It's easier said than done. taming your sugar Gremlin will kick start this process. But it is the chicken and egg dilemma. Those fat cells are contributing to the bad body chemistry and empowering your sugar Gremlin. But the out of control sugar Gremlin is driving you to eat extra calories, which ended up being stored in the fat cells.

I wish. This partnership between your sugar Gremlin and fat cells is a tough one to break. But it can be done. This is not the only problematic Alliance, which can sink your efforts to Team your sugar Gremlin. Join me in the next lesson as we look at some of your sugar gremlins ever body bodies.

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