Dinner do's and don'ts

Tame your Sugar Gremlin D - Dine don't graze
5 minutes
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Hi, this is Dr. Sandy helping you tame your sugar Gremlin. Using the candy floss system. We continue the dine turned grace lesson. By looking at a few do's and don'ts. You're already away your sugar Gremlin is a very sensual being. Sometimes your senses can create a whole lot of sugar grim than excitement that has absolutely nothing to do with your energy needs.

This is when you need to use sneaky, underhanded techniques. You need to practice a little ethical manipulation, even a little psychology to ensure you don't accidentally succumb to overfeed. Your sugar Gremlin loves variety. So if You sit down to a big fancy dinner with lots of choices, you can run into trouble with capital T, your sugar Gremlin will choose a little of everything. Now if your sugar Gremlin is very grown up, the everything will include an assortment of vegetables. Wow, what a fabulous half move.

Okay. If your sugar Gremlin is not so chrome nap, and most of them aren't. The I love variety will manifest at the dessert table. Even though you're ready for ascitic your sugar Gremlin will try the ice cream, the cheese cake, the strawberry mousse and a bite out of that chocolatey clear. Try to limit your sugar gremlins choices. Other thing you need To know about your sugar green and it has a heart of gold.

Deep down your sugar Gremlin is really worried about the millions of starving people in Africa for it. wasting food is sacrilegious. First off, let's have a reality check. If you eat the food on the plate, it goes into your belly, possibly your hips. If you choose to leave it behind, it doesn't go into a starving kids spending. You may well still eat it for leftovers, or your canine vacuum cleaner might scarf it down so it descends into a dog's belly.

Failing this, it will finally be found in the bellies of the worms and adult babies act. The local dump. What happens at your dinner table does not alleviate world hunger when tiny little but when you are full, you are full. Don't let it convince you to clean the plate. Oh worse, clean the serving dish. Another neat trick to pull the wool over your Gremlins eyes is to downgrade your plate size by going back to the Middle Ages when plates were small, very small.

Again, this is a tactic you want to employ around the time you're dishing up putting a final trick. turn down the lights and put the music on sugar gremlins aren't very romantic. The low light and the low volume caused them to lose their appetite. And for heaven's sake, dine with real people at a real table ID real food. Adopt a strict policy on your Facebook profile. No Gremlins allowed.

Dining at a table will force you to concentrate on eating and making conversation. Multiple multitasking like this means that if your sugar Gremlin manages to show up, it will find it a lot harder to get a word in edgewise. But if you are dining with friends, be sure to order first read suggests the first person to order decides what everyone else at the table eats. Join me for the next sugar Gremlin busting weapon in the candy floss system, the yank and your weapon. This one really is a two edged sword. It can help and hurt.

So you really do need to know how to use it.

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