Body buddies - big mama and the sexy lady

Tame your Sugar Gremlin S - Sink the saboteurs
8 minutes
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Hi, this is Dr. Sandy helping you tame your sugar Gremlin. by managing those body bodies that can sabotage your efforts to tame your sugar Gremlin. In this lesson, we'll use drop of the Hanky Panky happens between your sex hormones and your sugar Gremlin. When it comes to the six hormones, estrogen, she is high. Both your sugar Gremlin and the ark urines can get distracted by this hottie. When this happens, instead of having the hits in the game, the eyes are glued to the sexy bombshell.

The presence puts all four have food on hold. But estrogen is a tea she flitz about. Usually on a monthly schedule, she has to coordinate her presence with a big mama hormone progesterone. It takes about 28 days also for Eastridge in and to enjoy Twisted Sister rollercoaster ride. The ride starts off slow and when the ride begins, estrogen levels are low, one have a host of eggs is selected to take the ride with Eastridge in. This journey begins with a slow, steady rise in Eastridge in levels.

Along the way. The princess receives her crown. She's now ready to slip Out of the castle. If she's lucky, her exit from the castle will correspond with the arrival of a handsome prince charming, and magic will happen. She will fulfill her destiny. The Great Escape happens on day 14 at the height of the ride as the chariot loops the loop, the princess and backers the straps that hold her for gesturing.

The Big Mama hormone, witnesses her escape and floats up progestins goal is to keep the princess safe. As she really falls into the wharf thing babies have tiny cilia that carry her towards the waiting uterus. progesterone swoops off to prepay the nest for the egg Princess, too. plop into two powerful lady hormones can create havoc is, especially when they're not quite balanced. This tumultuous time gives the ride its name. But estrogen is happy to leave progesterone to take care of the princess returning to base weight.

Well, she'll pick up the next egg ready for the ride of its life. Project progesterone sticks around, hoping for a romantic run day so that she will then be able to carry the fertilized egg to the soft, cushy nest she has prepared. Most of the time, the egg princess fails to hook up With a price, so there is no baby. When purchase Tarun realizes that this roller coaster ride has not been a jackpot ride. She packs her things and leaves to exit corresponds with menses all the periods. With progesterone out of the picture, the next ride is in full swing.

For many women, the monthly ups and downs of the East region progesterone hormones impacts on their sugar Gremlin moments. Sugar Gremlin moments are less likely to happen when estrogen levels are highest. Remember her presence is distracting for the boys in the arc this car response was the first half of the menstrual cycle, commonly referred to as the follicular phase. Things change. progesterone has a baby on her mind. And babies are hard work and energy crisis in the making, eating for to a necessity.

Well, your sugar Gremlin is happy to suggest the option. And since Easter journey is not around, there is nothing stopping the boys in the arc from executing the donor orders. So just before the periods happen, the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle is the time period when sugar gremlins are usually most active. Actually, this is the time when some other Gremlins affectionately referred to as PMS, almost active too. If you are male, this is the time your wife, girlfriend, daughter, sister is right, and you are wrong. If you embrace this philosophy, your life will be a lot happier.

Now, some women are more sensitive to the hormone swings and others. If you have a habit of turning into a bit of a monster, immediately prior to your period or suffer from period problems will need to be on your God for this hormonal saboteur. Fortunately, candy flossing can be very helpful. But you might find that around that time of the month, you need to deploy all of your weapons and a dose of psychology to avoid being sabotaged by your hormones. By hormones can sabotage in absentia. Unfortunately, when a sturgeon leaves, the sexy bombshell is no longer present to distract your sugar Gremlin.

Regrettably, for many woman, when estrogen is away, the sugar Gremlin comes out to play and adds a few extra pounds to the hips. Candy flossing will help. But post menopause you will require more active deployment of your sugar Grantland busting weapons to keep your sugar Gremlin under control. So what about the male hormones? Well, officially, testosterone has little impact on your sugar Gremlin. Since the guys in the arc, do not respond to the posturing of testosterone but short Teachers have testosterone do contribute to bad body chemistry and bad body chemistry empowers sugar gremlins growing old and growing fat are two big contributors to declines in testosterone levels.

I wish sugar gremlins don't only work hand in hand with your hormones. They're also influenced by the chemicals that control your mood. Join me in the next lesson when we'll be singing the blues.

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