Pausing the electron break dance

Tame your Sugar Gremlin S - Sizzle then slow dance
10 minutes
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Hi, this is Dr. Sandy helping you tame your sugar Gremlin with a little candy floss. In this lesson, we're going underground to where the heat really is. Beating the bad body chemistry that drives your sugar Gremlin often requires digging in the dirt. because much of the stress in our lives is not driven by your bank balance your boss or your love life. None of these how bad it is the biological psychological stress, which ultimately underpins the bad body chemistry that drives those sugar munchies. Remember, it starts with the glucose gate that won't open due to insulin resistance.

Okay travels cause the liver stress, forcing it to cola track loads of insulin, which eventually manage To get the gate to swing open, but too much sugar slips in, leaving blood levels low and your brain struggling for sustenance, which then triggers a knee jerk response and sees you shoveling excess quantities of sugar, which then starts the whole thing. Again, scientists are still debating what causes those glucose gates to jam. Cortisol is definitely involved. But sounds can bulk the gate from the inside. They do this when things get too hot to handle due to oxidative stress. Remember, the reason cells want sugar is so that they can fire up the furnaces, the mitochondria and extract the entity so that it can run the show.

Extracting entity is All about pulling apart food to release electrons. These electrons are full of energy. So much in fact that they can be tricky to hold on to and quickly pass from one molecule to another. The past, the possible effect is what ultimately create ATP. The energy our body runs on. The process is not particularly efficient, but it gets the job done.

And at the end of the day, he's always a little spin energy and an energized electron flying around is extremely dangerous. Oxygen is usually the one that catches their pets. They are hot potatoes, and the act of passing the hot potato creates some potentially nasty chemicals, which are known as free radicals. The harder the mitochondrial furnaces burn, the more oxygen radicals produced when the number of these free radicals gets out of hand. This is oxidative stress, it can create some co serious collateral damage. Anytime you're knocked for a sixth, you burn more energy.

And in the process, you end up ramping up the production of radicals, creating more stress. But the more stress demands more energy while creating more trouble at the gate so you end up with bad body chemistry and sugar Gremlin munchies. And of course, more stress to really exterminate your sugar Gremlin. You need the electrons to stop breakdancing and switch to slow dancing. You want to go green, so triggers, oxidative stress, lots and lots of things. One of the biggest contributors in our world of abundance is simply too much food, burning that excess fuel spins more electrons around.

Now, cops tend to create the most trouble because they burn slightly different in the mitochondria, but too much fuel to burn. Whether it is a fat or carb is a challenge. Too much fuel forces the cells to shut the glucose gates. Now, exercising can keep the gates open because it burns through the excess fuel. But the more yanking you're doing, the more fuel you're burning through. A normal kind of workout is definitely better.

Official, it fires up all the power stations for maximum efficiency, but an insane session that sees you yanking till you drop. This can be counter productive. Another source of oxidative stress comes when your body goes to war. fighting an infection requires more fuel burning, you have to feed and power up the army of white blood cells and ensure all your soldiers are appropriately armed. The weapons of mass destruction employed by the body's troops are based on free radical technology. shortfalls are winnable, long protracted conflicts, end up with no clear winner and lots of collateral damage.

Long protracted conflicts are referred to as in inflammation. Now sometimes they really is an invader, but sometimes the invasion is imagined. imagined infections see your body mistakenly attacking bits and pieces of you causing auto immune disorders. Unfortunately, overworked fat cells have a habit of imagining infections. So one of the biggest potential sources of oxidative stress is your fat cells. This is the reason why stuck to capacity fat cells turn into a liability instead of an asset.

Which is why emptying out your fat cells is so important from a health perspective. slow dancing requires pinpointing the factors that are creating stress at a very high level require a little digging. The next section will give you some ideas on way to dig. Once you found your stressors, do your best to get rid of them. Most of the time, it's not so easy. Unfortunately, magic ones are in short supply in the real world.

So you will have to include Plan B, mitigate the effects of the oxidative stress. The way to mitigate the effects of supercharged electron crazed oxidants is to add antioxidants. The antioxidants provide a safe landing zone for those energetic electronics, effectively taking the sting out of them. The most important antioxidants are the ones your body produces. Not the ones you eat. But your body can only produce these when you are well nourished.

Vegetables, fruits, meats, eggs, fish nuts. These foods contain the nutrients needed to fire up the body's antioxidant defense system. Yes, you heard me write. A piece of steak contains lots of antioxidants. In fact, he will put a cup of blueberries to shame and the whole egg can beat out an apple in terms of antioxidant powers. The best sources of antioxidants real food, you end up with a team in effect and get them at the right dosage level.

Many antioxidants can turn into pro oxidants. When you take too much something that can happen when you're taking them as supplements. At the end of the day, you need to disarm that cowboy if you want better body chemistry and to get on top of your sugar Gremlin. But cortisol is not the only player. Your sugar Gremlin has a special relationship with. Your sugar Gremlin has lots of friends and you need to be on your God.

Some of these friends can sync your efforts to tame your sugar Gremlin. Join me in the next section to learn how to generate a King feeling in your sugar gremlins allies.

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