Thinking it through

Tame your Sugar Gremlin O - Observe your triggers
8 minutes
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Hi, this is Dr. Sandy helping you tame your sugar Gremlin. With the little candy floss. we're observing where sugar Gremlin moments begin. In this lesson, I'll be helping you put that thinking cap on to identify some of those habit cues. Remember, your routine can be triggered by places, faces, activities, feelings, and the time of day. You probably won't have too much trouble spotting places.

The dessert table at an all you can eat buffet, just don't walk over to the table, not even to look looking we'll start the routine of tacking in and thorough world chocolate eclairs and lemon or rain pie. Another place to be weary is the grocery store. Now you can't not go clearly the family has got to eat something. But you don't have to pop a tin of caramel fudge sundae or something into the 21st trick here. Never go to the grocery store hungry grillin love shopping and prior to going shopping, snack on something that is especially healthy, it will put you in a healthy mood. When shopping.

Second line of defense, try to avoid the queue. Of course you may be like me, you do a quick analysis of the different lines. Select what appears to be the shortest one bye As soon as you join the queue, fate intervenes to ensure you're now in the queue that is not moving. If this is you, you may need to apply some real psychology, you have to think it through. Now, the chatterbox that plays in your head when it comes to eating decisions include two distinct sets of neurons. The first are located in the dorsal lateral prefrontal cortex, the DI PFC for short.

Well, that's if you are a scientific type, the angel voice for us mere mortals, and it sings, don't eat it. The second region is the ventromedial prefrontal cortex. The mi m PFC for short or The voice of temptation, the devil. Now when you eat it, the devil voice has clearly won. But it is possible for the angel voice to prevail. Now, contrary to what you might expect, who wins has very little to do with the quality of the arguments.

It turns out that it is just a matter of time. Those Angel neurons have to warm up their voices before they can start singing. And about eventually singing can send the diminished voice out of the room. So when you find yourself caught between the candy bars, hang in there Your voice of temptation has triggered. But it is from your angel voices binding app. It's those, hold the thought, hold it, your brain is making the switch.

The devil voice is being tuned out. The angel voice is in control, hold the thought tiny bit longer and you say Thanks, but no thanks. It might feel like an eternity. But if you can hold the thought long enough, the angel row one hits biology. If you want to beef up the arguments at the same time, you may want to try a little label reading. Now manufacturers always thoughtfully include a calorie count on the package.

Okay. It's probably not that thoughtful. It's Legal required. Just taking a moment to read this could be enough to put you off. Realizing that delectable treat is made of things you don't recognize chemical soup and it has a bazillion calories could be enough to put you off. So oftentimes, the calorie count doesn't eat home.

Because your sugar Graham has hidden the calculator. Fortunately, you can help out in the moment, your brain is evaluating the treat. It's considering it as a little reward now, quick fix of dopamine versus AB reward later, Better Body Chemistry. Unfortunately, your brain is a Hard carrying member of the now generation. So things are step towards the little reward now, and in fact, the longer you are caught in the danger zone, the bigger the little reward becomes. So you need to do a few calculations of your own.

We calculate the whole thing. So, the now reward turns into a booby prize. So how do you award a booty prize in your mind, assign the snack, a new calorie count, try 5000 calories thing. remind yourself of the consequences of those extra 5000 calories both in terms of what you will look like in a bikini and don't forget about the shoe Despite being open the blood vessels leading to a heart attack or a stroke, see the cookie as a wolf in sheep's clothing. It looks good on the outside, but in actual fact, it's killer. This technique is not so weird.

You do it all the time. This is the reason you procrastinate. You haven't done your taxes or clean that cabinet because the task will take for you exaggerated, the negative. If that doesn't work, try be something anything. The results in muscle cramp can trigger the world power switch and facilitate some much needed self control. Tough Love.

It's a scientifically proven fact is teaching myself Squeeze can stop you in your tracks. Of course, if you've just spent the last 30 minutes, squeezing muscles. Don't use your workout as a cue to replenish because you deserve it. places are not the only things that can trigger sugar Gremlin moments. In the next lesson, we'll explore some of the other things that can cause your sugar Gremlin to pop by for a visit

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