Introduction "When The Student Is Ready"

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I am excited to show you how to prepare for Egyptian Numerology to reveal your gifts, talents, and potential and utilize your personal numbers to enhance the quality of your very own superpowers so you can tap into them any time you want to.

You will learn the knowledge and secret ingredients that define your unique magic and the key to becoming your very own superhero.

It’s time to step out of the old constructs and create a higher vision for your life with the new paradigm of numerology - the ancient art and alchemy of Egyptian Numerology.

By the end of this Introduction, you’re going to have some life-changing action steps to get you started, and you’re going to have a better understanding of how to activate your superpowers and achieve greatness through the ancient wisdom of your sacred numbers.

You will be able to raise and protect your frequency so you can become your own superhero, and manifest an ever-expanding future filled with unlimited possibilities.

And, once you learn these techniques, you will be unstoppable.

We'll cover the following topics in this section:

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